The Politics of Hope: Virtual Speaker Series Session 1


This virtual speaker series hopes to create a space and place, in this moment, to consider our roles and responsibilities to growing respectful, harmonious relationships with the earth, our communities, and each other.

Thursday, October 8

Wapna’kikewi’skwaq – Women of First Light: Journeys of Resilience, Hope and Love

Speakers: Jane Meader, Paulina Meader, Miigam’agan, Cathy Martin, Sherry Pictou, Ishbel Munro & Marilyn Francis

Please join us as we gather to listen, learn and share with Elders, Indigenous Knowledge Keepers, allies, community members, writers, activists, educators, scholars and leaders as they share their stories of resilience, resistance and resurgence. Simultaneously, celebrating and cultivating, our appreciation of the commitment, strength, and sometimes the invisible work they do as they actively challenge everyday systems of oppression and structural violence. This series offers a unique opportunity to sit with this wisdom and actively co-create knowledge and actions to build resilient, compassionate and inclusive communities.

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