My CBU Story: Euan Bauld

For Euan Bauld, coming to Cape Breton University to play soccer and earn his degree was a natural choice. Originally from Musselburgh, Scotland, Euan joined the Capers in 2017 and has been pursuing his Bachelor of Arts in Community Studies and dominating on the field ever since. As he nears graduation, Euan’s last goal is to win another AUS championship followed by a final National title with the Capers. 

Looking back on the highlights from his time at CBU, one special memory stands out to Euan. “Winning the National Championship in my first year at CBU was a special moment for me and it’s something I will never forget,” he says. “Everything about that night was special, and sharing that moment with the players and coaches couldn’t have been any better.”

On the academic side of things, Euan has enjoyed the practical side of his program most, having had the opportunity to participate in hands-on work such as programming with Youth in Motion. He says the support he received from his professors has also made his experience incredibly memorable.  “Every professor that I have had in my SPAL (Sport and Physical Activity Leadership) courses has left their own little mark on the way I think about things and approach life in general,” shares Euan. “The professors here are very supportive and always try to help students the best they can.”

In addition to his professors, Euan says many people have played a key role in his success over the past several years. “My parents have been tremendously supportive from afar, and my roommates have always been there to cheer me up when I’ve needed it,” says Euan. “I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has helped me, I don’t think I could have completed this degree on my own without your help along the way.”

Euan says his four years at CBU have flown by, calling them some of the most adventurous and exciting times of his life thus far. “My time at CBU has taught me to work hard for what you want and to grab it with both hands,” he says. “I’ve also learned to surround myself with good people, as you never know when you might need to lean on someone for advice or when times are tough.”

As Convocation nears, Euan says he looks forward to seeing what the world has planned for him next. “I will miss the people at CBU so much when I graduate,” he says. “And I’d like to wish all of my fellow graduates good luck on their future endeavours. Hopefully, our paths will cross again somewhere down the line.”

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