Meet the CBUSU Women’s Centre Coordinator: Victoria Chapman

Over the past two years spent at Cape Breton University, Bachelor of Arts student, Victoria Chapman, has gained a passion for championing feminist issues and making a difference in her community. This year, Victoria has proudly taken on the role of Coordinator of the CBU Women’s Centre. While working next door at Caper Radio, Victoria learned a great deal about the Women’s Centre and its importance on campus. She frequently chatted with the former Coordinator, excitedly learning about the various initiatives being organized through the Centre. 

When Victoria found out the former Coordinator was leaving, she knew it was important for someone to step up and take the reigns. “The Women’s Centre is a confidential space that provides information and referral services,” explains Victoria. “It also provides hygiene products, contraceptives and pregnancy tests, as well as a library full of feminist resources that is always growing.” Victoria felt strongly that the great work being done needed to continue, in order for activities, programs and services to be available for the womxn at CBU.

Victoria says it’s crucial for students to know that they have a support system at CBU and they are not alone. “University can be stressful and come with unexpected hardships. Thankfully, during my time at CBU I’ve had the pleasure of being taught by so many passionate and caring individuals who make the university experience more enjoyable,” she says. “The CBU Students’ Union and resources it offers are also here to help students navigate through university and ensure their success.” 

Victoria recently had the opportunity to interview CBU Alumna and newly elected mayor of the CBRM, Amanda McDougall, who also volunteered at the Women’s Centre during her time at CBU. “It’s so nice to see a young woman with a passion for the environment taking charge,” says Victoria. “I look forward to following the rest of her career.” If you’d like to join Mayor McDougall, Victoria and the countless other folks who have volunteered at the Women’s Centre over the years, please reach out by emailing

Services offered by the Women’s Centre are currently being provided virtually and can be accessed by emailing Victoria at the address above. “Don’t be afraid,” Victoria reassures students. “I know reaching out can be intimidating, but the Women’s Centre is a judgment-free and confidential space. We are here to help you and ensure you have a fun, safe and successful time at CBU.” 

To learn more about the CBU Women’s Centre, check out their Instagram account @cbusu_womenscentre and find them on Facebook at CBUSU Women’s Centre.