Happy Father’s Day from CBU!

This Father’s Day, we would like to celebrate all of the Fathers and Father figures in our students’ lives who support and empower them during their CBU journeys. Linden Serroul’s father, Gregory Serroul, is the perfect example of this!
Linden will be entering his fourth year of the Bachelor of Science, Nursing program at CBU in September, and said it didn’t take long for CBU to really feel like home. Being a CBU student is an experience that Linden has in common with his father Gregory, who graduated from the Bachelor of Business Administration program in 2014.
“My dad went through the same thing…all the change, all the uncertainty. I think that’s why he’s always ready to help whether it’s by giving financial advice, helping me pay my bills or just being there to talk,” says Linden. “Knowing that we studied in the same library, walked the same halls, even struggled to find parking in the same parking lot; it’s a pretty unique thing to share with your dad.”
Gregory says he was thrilled when Linden decided to attend CBU, especially because it’s a family tradition. Linden’s mother Julie graduated in 1999 and his sister Alicia graduated alongside their father in 2014. “When we’re all CBU graduates I’m going to dedicate a special place in the house for all of our degrees and graduation pictures,” says Gregory.
Looking back on his time at CBU, Gregory says as a mature student, his favourite experiences usually involved talking shop with his professors. He still drops in to say hello whenever he gets the chance and says his BBA helped immensely with work projects and daily operational challenges, providing him with essential business skills as an entrepreneur.
Linden says when he sees his parents and how successful they have become, it reminds him that failure is not an option and that he can achieve anything if he works hard enough. “It’s a really nice feeling to know that no matter how tough things get I can always rely on my parents to help me get through it,” says Linden.
Gregory is extremely proud of his son, noting that as adults we sometimes fail to fully understand the challenges faced by students today. He is glad that after all of the hard work, Linden will be entering a profession that will allow him to care for others, something that has always come naturally to him.
When it comes to Father’s Day plans this year, Linden says his mother has whisked his dad away to New Brunswick to check out Bass Pro Shops. According to Gregory, “it’s a modern Father’s Day miracle!” But Gregory knows that when he returns, Linden and Alicia will be ready to spend some quality time with him.
Gregory has a message he’d like to share on this special day, “On behalf of all dads, I want to let CBU students know that whether you’re shooting us with paintballs, looking for free popcorn at the show, questioning our Dungeons and Dragons skills or going on a hike during the height of black fly season, time spent with our sons and daughters is the best Father’s Day gift we can receive!”