Be on the Cutting Edge of Healthcare – New Bioethics and Health Certificate

A Bioethics and Health Certificate will now be offered at Cape Breton University. The certificate will require a variety of courses that are devoted to examining healthcare issues from a broad range of perspectives.
Studying Bioethics and Health at CBU will help students develop skills to think critically and ethically about the modern healthcare system. Learning from qualified experts in the fields of philosophy, sport and activity leadership, anthropology/sociology, psychology, communications and more, students will be ready to engage in analysis and critique of health practices.
By examining connections between health and spirituality, Indigenous health and community-based healing practices, our students will broaden their horizons, preparing them for a future in social work, journalism, healthcare administration and management, law and more.
The Bioethics and Health Certificate will provide a valuable breadth of knowledge and understanding across the Arts and Sciences relevant to the fields of health and medicine.
CBU students have the option to attach this certificate to any degree granted at CBU. No separate application form is necessary; students can take eligible courses for the certificate at any time throughout their studies.