Mi’kmaq Resource Guide

The Mi’kmaw Resource Guide, originating with Eastern Woodland Publishing, is a collection of material related to Mi’kma’ki. It provides an overview of the homeland of the Mi’kmaq and a brief history and time chart of significant events. The Guide presents information on Mi’kmaw spirituality, language, and medicinal plants along with summaries of the effects of the Indian Act, Centralization, residential schools, and the White Paper. Of particular note is its biographical listing of significant Mi’kmaw individuals who have left their indelible mark on education, the arts, politics, and cultural preservation, and its section recalling the names of Mi’kmaw veterans. It includes details of the 1725/26, 1749, 1752, 1760/61, and 1776 treaties, and a list of contemporary Mi’kmaw bands and organizations. The Mi’kmaw Resource Guide is a useful compendium for anyone interested in the rich and many-layered culture of the Mi’kmaq.