Unama’ki College


Learning and Growing Together

CBU has been the university of choice for Atlantic Canada’s Aboriginal students for over 30 years. Currently, CBU is the home away from home for more than 250 Aboriginal students, as well as the alma mater of close to 500 Aboriginal graduates. With research opportunities, engaging programs, and a strong community, Aboriginal students come to CBU to build rewarding futures and careers paths.

A Clear Vision For the Future

Unama’ki is the Mi’kmaw word for Cape Breton Island, and loosely translates to “Land of Fog.” Cape Breton has been home to the Mi’kmaw people for centuries, and Unama’ki College strives to meet the needs of Mi’kmaw and all other Aboriginal students from across the country. This means small class sizes, knowledgeable Mi’kmaw faculty and staff, and our Department of Indigenous Studies, which offers courses designed with Aboriginal students in mind.

Some of the courses offered through the Department of Indigenous Studies include:

  • Mi’kmaq Studies
  • Integrative Science
  • In-Community Studies

With both full and part-time faculty members teaching on campus and in Aboriginal communities, the Department of Indigenous Studies offers Aboriginal students plenty of pathways to success! The department also gives everyone the opportunity to learn more about our region’s indigenous cultures by putting the spotlight on their history and traditions.

Respect For the Past, Excitement For Tomorrow 

As an Aboriginal student, you’re going to love Unama’ki College, and will make memories here to last a lifetime. Along the way you’re also going to receive a world class education—with insightful courses, access to Elders in Residence, dedicated space for Aboriginal studies and research, and a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

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Mi’kmaq History Month 2015

Stephen Augustine explains Treaty Day from Cape Breton University on Vimeo.