CIC Cairo

The Canadian International College (CIC) in Cairo, Egypt, is a great example of CBU’s experience building strong international partnerships. By providing quality assurance and ensuring a priority of academic excellence, the CIC/CBU relationship is thriving. Founded in 2004 as the first Canadian campus in Egypt, students graduate with a fully accredited Canadian degree that is recognized internationally. Currently there are 2,400 students at the CIC campus studying business, engineering, business information systems and mass communications. Some students choose to complete their degree at the CBU campus in Sydney, which is always a cause for celebration.

CIC Loves Egypt


“CIC Loves Egypt” was the theme of Tourism Revival Day held on Saturday March 5th, 2011. CICians partnered with the Travel Company of Egypt to stage a Tourism Revival, boarding a bus accompanied by a tour guide to visit to the Citadel and the Pyramids. These tourism icons have been almost deserted since the recent events in Egypt. From the look of these photos, a good time was enjoyed.


CBU student, and former CICian (CIC alumni), Karam Abusafi is the first of a number of greetings/views which CBU Global will be sharing as Egypt and our friends at the Canadian International College move forward.


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