From Cairo to Cape Breton – Meet Ramy Ramadan

Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Ramy Ramadan attended the Canadian International College (CIC) in Cairo, Egypt, before pursuing his Bachelor of Business Administration at Cape Breton University.

The CIC is an Associate Campus of CBU and was founded in 2004 as the first Canadian educational provider established in Egypt. After two of Ramy’s friends went to Canada to study English, he knew it was something he would also be interested in pursuing. “When I moved to Egypt to join the CIC, I quickly found out that they provided a chance to study in Canada through a partnership with Cape Breton University,” explains Ramy. “I started thoroughly researching Cape Breton Island and I came to learn about its history, natural beauty and the multiculturalism of its people.”

Here at CBU, Ramy has chosen Accounting as his major, stemming from his curious mind and love of numbers. “I like to deal with numbers, and understanding how numbers can be transformed into a universal language that all people can understand has always been fascinating to me,” says Ramy. “Accounting gave me my answers through preparing financial statements, working my way through taxation situations and more.”

Despite pursuing such business-oriented studies, Ramy’s favourite class was a political science course taught by Dr. Terry L. Gibbs, a Professor in the Political Science Department. “This course helped me understand more about international politics and the Canadian perspective on them,” Ramy says. “Terry Gibbs is a wonderful professor, filled with energy and enthusiasm that will make anyone interested in course material.”

One special memory Ramy holds dear comes from his time spent volunteering during CBU’s Week of Welcome. “It was a great chance for me to meet new people and help other students out while learning more about the campus at the same time,” he says. “This volunteering experience made me so happy.”

Ramy is set to graduate in May 2024 but says he will miss his time at CBU and will always look back on it fondly. “I will miss everything for sure, the general atmosphere of the University, the time spent studying and chatting with friends, laughing and learning alongside professors, eating in the cafeteria, attending student events, almost everything will be missed,” says Ramy. “But, the thing I will miss the most is just being present on campus.”

Ramy advises students who are considering CBU to take the leap. “The University not only offers a quality education but also a welcoming vibe and inclusive atmosphere, making everyone feel a sense of belonging in the community while being on a beautiful island,” Ramy says. “CBU helped me love this island and the people on it, which made me want to settle down here to help give back to the country that hosted me and made me feel like I’m no different than any other citizen in this country.”

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, Ramy!