A Partnership Built for Success: Meet Ahmed Elsharkawey

As a child growing up near the Great Pyramids of Egypt, Ahmed Elsharkawey always had a passion for learning. “I wanted to figure out how computers work, and I genuinely enjoyed learning about new technologies,” says Ahmed. “Even back then, I knew I needed to find the right educational opportunity that would help me channel my passions into a challenging and rewarding career.”

His research soon led him to the CIC Dual Option program at the Canadian International College (CIC) in Egypt. Developed in partnership between CIC and Cape Breton University, the program provided Engineering Technology students with the opportunity to transfer to CBU and receive accredited degrees from both institutions. “I applied immediately,” Ahmed laughs. “From that moment onward, transferring to CBU’s main campus became my only goal.”

After his acceptance into the Dual Option program, Ahmed was delighted by the professionalism of the CBU team. “From paperwork to logistics, everyone at CBU did everything they could to ensure a seamless transition process,” says Ahmed. “Then, from the moment I arrived in Canada, they made me feel so welcome. As an international student, I have so much gratitude for the effort my classmates and faculty put in to help me feel like they valued my unique perspective and diverse background. I really felt like I was enriching the cultural fabric of CBU.”

Happy in his new home and passionate about his chosen field of study, Ahmed was determined to make the most of his unique educational circumstances. “I believe CBU’s Engineering Technology program is designed to foster creative problem-solving and teach students how to apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios,” he says. “I knew my instructors were doing their best to give us a leg up in today’s job market.”

Despite Ahmed’s focus on his studies, he still managed to find time to enjoy campus life. “At CBU, there is something for everyone, including activities, clubs and organizations that will help you build lifelong friendships,” says Ahmed. “In fact, one of the highlights of my university experience was participating in soccer. I had the opportunity to play in futsal tournaments where I showcased my skills and competed against other teams as a part of the sports community.”

As Ahmed’s graduation date approached, he was confident his education had prepared him for success. With a recent alumni survey indicating that 84 per cent of recent CBU Bachelor of Engineering Technology graduates reported they were currently working full-time, Ahmed knew that CBU’s stellar reputation for producing graduates with exemplary leadership, teamwork, time-management and decision-making skills would help open doors for him.

Ahmed has some advice for future Dual Option students. “Work hard! Be willing to step out of your comfort zone and embrace challenges,” he says. “With determination, resilience and a willingness to explore new horizons, you can pave the way to your desired achievements.”

Nowadays, when Ahmed isn’t working, you’ll find him pursuing his other passion — cupcakes. “I’m a cupcake master!” Ahmed proudly states. “I have a special talent for baking and decorating eye-catching cupcakes that bring smiles to everyone’s faces. My friends and family can’t get enough of my cupcakes, and they’re always excited to see what tasty creations I come up with next!”