The Top 5 Reasons You Should Visit Unama’ki College [3min Read]

Celebrating Indigenous culture and education is important and beneficial to all. Learning about the diverse cultures and perspectives of Canada’s Indigenous peoples results in an enriched post-secondary experience and community here at CBU.

We’re proud to be an Atlantic Canadian leader in Indigenous education. In fact, the Unama’ki College at CBU is a dedicated centre focused on providing support to Indigenous students, and setting them up for success throughout their educational journey. It is an invaluable resource available to our students, faculty, staff and community.

Here are the top five reasons we think you should visit Unama’ki College:


Kisiku on Campus

There are Kisiku on Campus who are respected and wise Mi’kmaq people who are role models to students, faculty and staff. They offer advice and counselling, assist professors in curriculum design and most importantly, foster a sense of pride in our Indigenous students. Their knowledge and guidance is an incredible resource provided through Unama’ki College.

Mi’kmaw Speakers

Unama’ki College has a full-time, fluent Mi’kmaw speaking staff member whose focus is Indigenous Student Support. Other staff and faculty members also speak Mi’kmaw, so you can chat with them in both Mi’kmaw and English. If you’re interested in learning the Mi’kmaw language, or brushing up on your existing skills, these fluent Mi’kmaw speakers are more than happy to help you along the way.

Student Lounge

Looking for a place to relax between classes, work on assignments or have a snack? The Student Lounge in Unama’ki College is the perfect place for you. Equipped with a kitchenette, comfy seats and computers, the Student Lounge is a welcoming environment to spend some down-time.

Language Lab

The Kji-Keptin Alexander Denny L’nui’sultimkeweyo’kuom (Mi’kmaq Language Lab) is a unique feature here on campus. Named in honour of the Grand Council’s Grand Captain, Alexander Denny, this language lab is a great place to sharpen your skills, engage in Mi’kmaw language-based research and more.

 Mi’kmaq Resource Centre

The Mi’kmaq Resource Centre houses a large collection of papers, books and other materials on Mi’kmaw history. This beautiful, comforting space is often used by students for reflection, and is equipped with specialized lighting for those with seasonal affective disorder. The Centre is also a wealth of knowledge available to anyone who is interested in Mi’kmaw and Indigenous culture, history and language.