Open House & CBU 101: From One to the Next [3min read]

Thinking about attending university is a big step. 

Taking the plunge is an even greater feat.

Whether you’re considering entering university directly from high school, transferring from college, or returning after some much-needed time away, the experience is truly unique for everyone. That’s why CBU hosts two annual events to help you become acquainted – or re-acquainted – with the university experience and all of its great opportunities: CBU’s Open House and CBU101!

Open House and CBU101 are your one-stop-shops for everything university-related. Each year, these events attract hundreds of eager students wishing to get a better idea of what CBU has to offer. Whether it’s to find out more information about our renowned undergraduate and graduate programs, become informed about our many student support serviceslearn about financial aid and scholarship opportunitiesor to experience CBU’s growing campus first-hand, they are designed to help inform and prepare you in your extraordinary quest to tackling a university education. 

You’ve attended Open House, but now you’re wondering: would attending CBU101 be helpful in my decision to pursue a university education at CBU? The answer is: yes! 

While both of these events offer plentiful opportunities for networking and advancement, each come with their own unique learning experiences to help support and guide you on your way. 

So… what’s the difference?

Open House

CBU’s Open House is an annual event held each October designed for high school students, community college students, and recent graduates to learn more about the benefits of pursuing an education at CBU. Whether you’re a high school student looking to enter into your first year of post-secondary, an upcoming college graduate thinking of turning your hard-earned diploma into a degree, or an accomplished graduate wishing to re-enter the wonderful world of academia after some time away, this is the place for it! CBU’s faculty and staff are on-site to connect with and answer all of your questions, while you can participate in a guided campus tour and learn more about financial aid, bursary and scholarship opportunities. But that’s not all; when you register to attend CBU’s Open House, you instantly become eligible to win one of many great prizes including student bursaries, AND have the opportunity to apply to CBU for FREE! Does it get any better than that?


On the other hand, CBU101 is held annually each February to offer high school, college students and those who have already been accepted to CBU for September a fresh take on everything CBU-related. Those curious about attending CBU have the chance to become immersed in our vibrant student experience and dive into the plentiful opportunities we have to offer. During the event, guests have the opportunity to network with CBU faculty, staff, students and Alumni to have all of their questions answered (refreshments and snacks included!) In addition, guests have the chance to learn about the many financial aid, bursary and scholarship opportunities available to them. But, best of all  when you attend CBU101, you have the opportunity if you haven’t already to apply to CBU for FREE! Yup – you heard that correctly. Sounds pretty awesome, right? 

Pre-register for CBU101 in your area now for the chance to WIN an Apple Watch!

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Your Future

Ready to begin your academic journey? Open House and CBU101 are the place to start!

With so many opportunities for applied learning, career guidance and academic advancement, we’re confident that CBU’s world-class education can help guide your future in the right direction. 

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