Rental & Tech Information

Rental Information

Looking for the perfect place to hold a concert, presentation or ceremony? Trying to find the perfect costume? Say no more. The Boardmore Theatre is not only the perfect destination for your next event, but it’s filled with costumes that will suit any occasion. Click on the links below to download the Playhouse guidelines, rental contract, and costume rental contract.

Playhouse Guidelines

Cape Breton University Rental Contract

CBU Boardmore Theatre Costume Rental Contract

CBU Boardmore Playhouse Technical Information

Modified thrust stage, fixed

Dimensions: See attached drawings

Boardmore Playhouse Drawing 1 (jpg)

Boardmore Playhouse Drawing 2 (pdf)

Boardmore Playhouse Drawing 3 (pdf)

Stage Floor: Battleship linoleum

Stage Drapes: White Cyclorama upstage on track. Can be pulled into SL wing.
White Sharkstooth Scrim upstage on track in front of Cyclorama. Can be brought around on track to cross centre stage.
Back Traveler – 2 Black velour drapes on track. Can be brought around on track to cross centre stage.
No main curtain down stage.
4 – Black velour SR legs.
4 – Black velour SL legs.
Legs are on tracks and pivot, can be arranged upstage / downstage as required.
Crossover up stage of cyclorama allows movement between wings.

AC Power:
50 A (Range Receptacle)
120/208 V
DSR at edge of stage

100 A
120/208 V
In booth, approx. 65’ to edge of stage

Dressing Rooms:Two dressing rooms under seating area, both with sinks, toilets and showers, one room has lit makeup mirrors, no direct access to wings, access to stage is via the DSL and DSR vomitoriums.

Loading Area:Double door into the building
3’10” by 6’11” door SR
No stage-level access; SR door descends approx. 5’ to stage level via stairs

Sound System

System description: Main system consists of suspended SL, SR cabinets w/ Subs and CS cabinets fill.  Upper bowl reinforcement consists of small suspended cabinets SL, SR and CS.
2 monitor sends.

Sound Board is locatable anywhere in the house, booth location is also available. Program sound in booth provided by two Yamaha full monitors. Glass in booth is not operable / removable.

Main System:
4 – Micron élite M-160 full range cabinets
(LF: 1×10” – 25cm RCF L10/581 woofer, HF: 1×0.75” – 2cm RCF N252 horn & driver)
2 – élite SW-600 bass bins (Subs)
       (LF: 1×18” – 46cm RCF L18/851 woofer)
2 – Micron élite P160 processors
2 – Peavey M-4000 amplifiers
1 – QSC MX 1500a amplifier (Subs)
3 – Yamaha GQ 103 1BII – 31 band graphic equalizers.

Upper bowl (delayed fill):
4 – Yamaha S55 full range cabinets
(LF: 6.5” – 16cm cone, HF: 1” –  2.5cm + Wave-guide horn)
4 – Yamaha 20X full range cabinets
2 – Peavey M-4000 amplifiers
1 – Yamaha GQ 103 1BII 31 band graphic equalizer
1 – Peavey EQ-215 twin 15 band graphic equalizer.

Monitor System:
4 – Yorkville élite EM168 monitor cabinets
(LF: 1×10” – 25cm cone, HF: 1×0.75” – 2cm RCF N252 horn & driver)
2 – Yamaha S55 full range cabinets (upstage fill)
1 – Peavey M-4000 amplifier
1 – Peavey EQ-215 twin 15 Band graphic equalizer

Mixing Console:
Yamaha 01V96iow
MacBook Pro running Qlab software

Snake & Sub-Snakes:
16 channel python permanently installed: 2 returns, 2 telex outputs, located DSR
3 – 9-channel sub-snakes located DSL, USR, USL. Sub-snakes are patchable into the main snake. Sub-snakes can be located anywhere on stage.

Wireless Microphone System:

AKG WMS 4000 Wireless Microphone System consisting of:

2 – AKG C477WR L/p Omnidirectional Headset Condenser Microphones
3 – AKG PT 4000 Professional Bodypack UHF Wireless Transmitters
2 – AKG SR 4000 True Diversity UHF Wireless Receivers

Electro Voice R300 Wireless Microphone System consisting of:

8 R300 EZsync receivers

8 BP-300 Bodypack Wireless Transmitters

8 PL22 Dynamic Microphone Headsets (6 Black, 2 Flesh)

Projection/Projection Software
Main Projector: (TBA)
Other projectors available upon request
MacBook Pro Running Isadora software

Additional System Requirements:
Incoming acts must provide:

Microphone stands
DI boxes
Outboard sound processing equipment
Amplifier for a third and/or fourth monitor mix if required

 (Additional Charges May Apply)
Technical services
DI boxes
2 Elite SW-1000 Subwoofers
2 Elite EX-401 Tops
Yorkville AP-4020 Power Amp
QSC PL-2.0 Power amp

Booth Equipment:

1 – Tascam CD-160 Mk II Professional Single CD Player with MP3 Playback
1 – Tascam DA-30 DAT player
1 – JVC TD-W254 Double Cassette Deck
I.C.C. amplifier and Yamaha monitors provide program sound in booth.
Realistic amplifier and equalizer provide program sound to dressing rooms.
Booth microphone provides stage announce/talkback capability as well as announcements to dressing rooms.
Fostex T40 (v1) Headphones

Intercom System:
Telex IC-2 base station and headset in booth; two discrete telex channels are available.
5 – additional belt packs and headsets. Telex hook ups exist in the catwalks and outside the dressing rooms. Telex signals can be routed to anywhere in the wings, on stage, or in the house.

Stage & House Lighting System

Lighting Control System

ETC Eos Element 2 Console w/touchscreen monitor, 1024 DMX outputs, four DMX/RDM ports, 40 pageable faders and a Master Fader Pair, 100 Fader Pages, Single cue list, 10,000 Cues, show file compatibility with all ETC Eos-family products.

House Light Control
2 – Outlook 4 Button Preset Wall Stations at entrances to theatre
1 – Outlook Master Station in Booth
House Lights can also be controlled by Lighting Console.

Strand CD80SV Dimmer Rack w/89 @ 2.4K dimmer modules plus 2 @ 2.4K Non Dims. for Catwalk 20A Twistlock Receptacles and Floor Pockets.  An additional  5 @ 2.4K dimmer modules dedicated for House Lighting.

Electronic on board only, dimmer per circuit.

Lighting Instrument Hanging Positions:
Catwalks  22’ above stage floor:
1 – Front of House (see drawings).
1 – Front edge and both sides of stage.
1 – Rear curtain line of stage.

2 – Box Booms (downstage L & R) w/adjustable side arms for side lighting positions.

4 – 12′ tall freestanding Booms (lighting trees) w/50 lb. cast bases and adjustable side arms for side lighting positions.

2 – 12′ tall fixed (upstage left & right) Booms (lighting trees) w/adjustable side arms for side lighting positions.

Lighting Instrument Inventory
4 – ETC Source Four 410-C, 10° 750w
2 – Strand Leko Lite 11510C, 10° 750w
8 – Selecon Pacific 14°-35° ZoomSpot 750w
12 – Selecon Pacific 45°-75° ZoomSpot  750w
10 – Strand SL 15/32 Zoom 4.5” Leko 15-32° 575w
18 – Strand 4.5” Lekolite Zoom 25-50° 575w
5 – Strand Axial 6”x9” Lekolite (2209) 40° 1kw
7 – Strand Axial 6”x12” Lekolite (2212) 28° 1kw
13 – Century/Strand 6”x9” Leko (1400 series) 40° 750 watts
3 – Strand Patt 23N Profile Spot 11° 500 watts
6 – Strand 3380 6” Fresnelite (Fresnel) 13-65° 1kw
6 – Altman 6” Fresnel 13-65° 500 watts
12 – Par Cans (Par 64) (w/scroller arms) Narrow 1kw
6 – Par Cans (Par 64) (w/scroller arms) Medium 1kw
6 – Par Cans (Par 64) (w/scroller arms) Wide 1kw
5 – Par Cans (Par 64) Wide 1kw
4 – Strand/Ianiro Iris 3 Cyclorama Lights, 3 circuits/3 Colours 1kw
1 – Scoop 75° 500 watts

Various Top Hats, Barn Doors, etc.


Comprehensive stock in Roscolux

Please confirm what is available for your show with: Ken Heaton, House Lighting Technician-, Clayton MacNeil, House Sound Technician –

For additional information contact:

Todd Hiscock, Playhouse Manager

Phone: (902) 563-1351
Fax: (902) 563-1244