Events & Shows


The Boardmore Theatre offers an annual season of plays, including plays for young audiences, four to five full-length plays, a bi-annual Shakespeare production, a bi-annual Broadway Musical and a one week one-act play festival. This year’s line-up of fantastic productions will be announced soon.


Want to be in a Boardmore Theatre production? Every year, groups of people audition for a chance to be seen on the big stage. Whether you’re a veteran when it comes to theatre or you are a newcomer, everyone is encouraged to audtion. For more information, please click here.


Every year, the Boardmore Theatre provides practical expertise to community theatre groups in the form of workshops. This year, we are looking forward to providing the public with a range of new and exciting workshops.


During every Season of Plays, the Boardmore Theatre is home to two different festivals: The Elizabeth Boardmore One-Act Play Festival ,Youth Theatre Festival and Cape Breton High School Theatre Festival.

The One-Act Festival provides new and experienced writers, directors and actors with an opportunity to showcase their talents.

During the Youth Theatre Festival, young theatre practitioners from Class Acts Drama School and other community youth drama groups take to the stage and perform in a series of scripted productions.

The Cape Breton High School Theatre Festival is a platform for drama students and teachers from all schools in the community to highlight their work and learn new and exciting skills for the classroom and the stage.

More information regarding festivals can be found here.


The Boardmore Theatre is also an excellent venue for any type of concert or presentation. For more information regarding the rental availability of the Playhouse, please contact