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Elizabeth Boardmore One Act Play Festival

March 12 to 15, 2020

This annual festival is eagerly awaited by CBU students, faculty, and community members. The festival provides new and experienced writers, directors, and actors with an opportunity to showcase their talents, and gives the public a chance to see several quality productions from numerous theatrical styles.  Check out this coverage in the Chronicle Herald!


Youth Theatre Festival

March 30 to April 5, 2020

The Youth Theatre Festival is an annual event held at the CBU Boardmore Playhouse. This year, young theatre practitioners from Class Acts Drama School and other community youth drama groups take to the stage and perform in a series of scripted productions. The Festival allows our local theatre community to celebrate the vitality and dedication of our young theatre professionals. (Schedule TBA)

Cape Breton High School Theatre Festival

May 14 to 17, 2020

The Festival is an exciting opportunity for students to perform, participate in workshops and to share their work, on a professional stage, with other students, teachers and guest artists.  This festival is a platform for drama students and teachers from all schools in the community to highlight their work and learn new and exciting skills for the classroom and the stage. (Schedule TBA)

About our Sponsor

Elizabeth Boardmore One-Act Play Festival

You are perhaps already familiar with the story of how Protocase came to be in 2001. Our co-founders, engineers Doug Milburn and Steve Lilley, were chatting with a fellow engineer who wanted to save time and money by finding one facility that would manufacture a small number of custom electronic enclosures for a project he was doing. When they realized nobody was really interested in this kind of work, they set out to build that business themselves.

Sixteen years later, the company they created is a major Cape Breton success, supplying custom sheet metal enclosures, panels and parts to more than 12,000 designers, scientists and engineers worldwide. Protocase leads the industry by offering custom-manufactured enclosures, parts and panels in 2-3 days, a turnaround time that’s unmatched by any other company. Our customers include NASA, Microsoft, Apple, Tesla Motors, Lockheed Martin, IBM and many more.

The company now employs 130 people (and counting) with careers in production, engineering and design services, sales, marketing, administration, as well as research and development. Protocase has two main buildings in Sydney’s Harbourside Industrial Park, as well as its newest location on Prince Street in the former Co-Op building.

Besides providing meaningful employment to an ever-growing group of Cape Bretoners, Protocase is committed to enriching the community that lies beyond its company’s doors by providing monetary donations and other support to local organizations. To make sure our support actually makes an impact in making the Cape Breton community a better place, Protocase focuses on three key areas: Technology & Innovation; Arts, Culture & Sport; and Youth.

Technology and innovation, as you can imagine, is a very logical fit. Every day, we work with innovators, designers and engineers all over the globe, assisting them as they develop new products that are changing the world, so Protocase takes great pride in giving assistance to students passionate in technology, both locally here in Cape Breton and beyond.

In terms of youth, we love supporting organizations that create safe, vital spaces for young people in Cape Breton to flourish and be active. The youth are the future of our community, and they deserve the chance to grow and develop.

Arts, Culture & Sport as a category of giving for Protocase is awfully broad, but we feel that by keeping it wide in scope, we can support a wide variety of organizations and events that touch many different aspects of arts and culture. The arts and culture scene in Cape Breton is incredibly rich, and does wonders for bringing the community together.

One organization that we are immensely proud to support is the Boardmore Theatre. A local staple in the arts, the Boardmore Theatre presents imaginative, thought-provoking productions each and every year – and the community at large has benefitted immensely from the theatre’s output.

Protocase is proud to once again support the Boardmore Theatre in its 2017-2018 season by sponsoring the Elizabeth Boardmore One-Act Play Festival. Congratulations to everyone involved in the production on your hard work and dedication to the craft of local theatre! Best wishes on another fantastic festival.