Services, Forms & Fees

Archives underpin virtually all other aspects of heritage. They support the work of educators, students, historians, journalists, filmmakers, urban planners, marketers and salespeople, the publishing industry, archaeologists, engineers, genealogists, the built heritage community, museum workers, lifelong learners, immigrants, cultural groups, and tourism operators.

If you’re faculty in an academic unit and would like to tour your class through the collections, a student needing digital content for a major research project, or a producer working on your next film, we are available to assist you with your research and digital content needs. The Beaton Institute contains over 4000 textual collections, 500,000 photographs, 10,000 audio and video tapes, 3500 maps, several dozen newspapers, as well as thousands of rare, local, and out-of-print publications.



  • Digitization: Costs depend on the end-use of the content and format requested. Our current fee schedule can be accessed above. It is recommended to contact us to discuss the services available and learn what the archive can offer to assist you with your project.
  • Research fees: Research conducted by Beaton Institute staff is done at a rate of $30 an hour.
  • Sound and Moving Image Recordings: The rates for the reproduction of sound and moving image recordings (audio and video tapes, discs/records, film) are varied and some forms of reproduction cannot be completed on site. Contact us for a quote.
  • Obituary and Newspaper Research: For an obituary or article request, one page in length, with the date of publication, the fee is $17.25, including HST. We ask that you email us first with your request, so that we can confirm the date of the obituary and/or article and provide you with a quote. For more obituaries or articles (5 or more) are charged our $30.00 hourly rate,  plus HST. Contact us for a quote.