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General Requirements for High School Graduates

  • See CBU’s English Language Requirements here.
  • English 12 (academic or advanced)
  • 4 additional grade 12 academic or advanced level courses

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Transfer Student Requirements

  • In order to transfer to CBU you must be in good academic standing at your current/previous institution.
  • You must meet the general admissions requirements (or the post-secondary equivalent) for the program, found under the Canadian or International tabs of this tool.
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Navigate The Complexities Of Thought

Take one step onto the breathtaking shores of Cape Breton Island and you’ll instantly realize this is a place where philosophy and nature come together to create a unique learning environment. CBU’s modern facilities and accessible faculty make every day a valuable learning experience. Students from more than 40 countries around the world come to learn the lessons they need to plot their path into the future.

Philosophy at CBU helps you create a customized compass for navigating the intellectual, ethical and emotional complexities of life. Engaging philosophically with the world around you can provide a sense of overall direction which is essential for personal, social and professional growth. In the process, students benefit from exceptional training in the art of logical reasoning.

Many of Canada’s top lawyers, writers, business people, and other professionals have undergraduate degrees in philosophy. That means you can trust the skills you learn here to take you well into the future.

Sample Courses and Resources

Why study at CBU?

In an ever-changing electronic age, philosophical expertise is essential for untangling the complications of core ethical and legal concepts, such as privacy, self-identity and intellectual property. That’s why, when you’re studying philosophy at CBU, you take a case study approach to examine problems in law, business and other areas that cannot be resolved by simply applying familiar principles and practices.

Our approachable, friendly faculty help you build the solid foundation you need for success in the future. Because of their experience, CBU is a place you can come to learn answers to the world’s toughest questions. For example, are there justifiable limits to the bio-engineering of human life? Does science provide “all the answers?” What roles do love, appreciation of art, athletic achievement, or other experiences play in life? And, in an increasingly virtual world, is it worth trying to distinguish genuine (or “real”) from fake experiences? Once you have the skills CBU prepares you with in our Philosophy program, you can truly go anywhere your passion for success takes you.

What skills will I gain from this program?

  • High-level critical thinking skills
  • Analytical writing skills
  • Ability to discuss complex ideas effectively
  • Knowledge of diverse world views & intellectual traditions
  • Expertise in understanding contemporary ethical issues

Possible Career Paths

  • Law
  • Teaching
  • Policy analysis
  • Digital or print publishing
  • Business


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