Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Program Snapshot

Make The World Your Special Guest

Hospitality is an important part of our Cape Breton culture. At CBU, our Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management (BHTM) degree is a three-year program that combines tourism and hospitality, business education and the opportunity to augment a specialty area with elective courses. This blended approach to the program, in conjunction with two paid internships, prepares students for a position in this multifaceted industry.

From event planning and management, to service training and hands-on learning, this program provides students with the opportunity to get up close and personal. Discover how small details make every guest feel special, and how unforgettable moments are brought to life every single day. Here, the skills you learn truly impact real lives and influence real experiences.

With results-oriented courses that explore destination marketing, international travel, and event management, it’s no wonder students from more than 40 countries come to Cape Breton Island to learn what they need to succeed in the hospitality industry. Careers in tourism, hotel management, food and beverage, and much more are easy to envision when you spend time living and learning in one of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations.

What skills will I gain from this program?

  • Communication
  • Service training
  • Event planning and management
  • Teamwork
  • Industry awareness

Why study at CBU?

What better place to gain real world, first-hand experience than a place where hospitality thrives? This incredibly unique place to study was named #8 of the top islands to visit in the world by Travel + Leisure Magazine. For some, it’s a dream vacation. To us, it’s simple and beautiful everyday life on Cape Breton Island.

With a warm, welcoming community to draw from, and international inspiration all around, you’ll see how a popular tourist destination uses natural resources to provide guests with an unforgettable experience. Plus, with students having the opportunity to work for employers throughout the island, you’ll leave with more practical experience than you could ever imagine.

At CBU, we also offer opportunities to participate in volunteer activities in addition to paid internships. With our diverse culture, and friendly people, you can gain the critical skills you need for the future.

Sample Courses

  • HATM 3508 Destination Marketing
  • HATM 3503 Event Management
  • HATM 3509 International Tourism Management

Possible Career Paths

  • Tourism owner/operator
  • Hotel management
  • Tour agent
  • Food and beverage manager
  • Travel counsellor

Experiential Learning Opportunities

  • Local volunteer activities
  • Large-scale community engagements
  • Diverse campus events

Faculty & Staff

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