The Business of Excellence: Meet Anmol Arora

Originally from India, Anmol Arora always knew his passion for travel would lead him to pursue an education far from home. “I was initially intrigued by Cape Breton University’s Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management program and the way it combined business management fundamentals with the tourism sector,” Anmol recalls. “But what won me over was the program’s focus on providing its students with high-quality internship opportunities that covered the entire spectrum of the hospitality industry.”

Anmol’s confidence in his program choice only deepened after his arrival in Canada. On his first day at CBU, he found himself overwhelmed by the warmth and friendliness of his new classmates and instructors. “Transitioning to live in Canada as an international student requires a lot of perseverance and dedication,” Anmol admits. “But Cape Breton Island is so beautiful and welcoming to new students. The hospitality of the island, the school, my classmates and faculty members made everything so smooth and absolutely wonderful.”

After settling into campus life, Anmol immersed himself in his studies. His genuine passion for the subject material along with his stellar work ethic earned him a place on the Dean’s List with Distinction every year. “The BHTM faculty were so supportive of my hunger to learn,” says Anmol. “My professors Mary Jane, Stephanie, Jennifer, Daniel and Megan went out of their way to recommend me for opportunities to volunteer, network, work as a research assistant and gain event management experience.”

“They were also my biggest fans and advocates,” Anmol continues. “They were instrumental in helping me secure prestigious internships where I learned skills like customer retention, organizational and event management and had the opportunity to develop my interpersonal skills.”

As Anmol’s graduation drew near, it dawned on him that CBU’s reputation for producing exceptional graduates meant his career options were not limited to the hospitality and tourism sectors. According to a recent alumni survey, 87.78 per cent of CBU’s Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management program graduates reported they were able to secure employment within six months of graduation, the second-highest employment rate of all CBU undergraduate programs.

“The BHTM program helped me develop a full suite of in-demand skills that can be applied to any field of business,” Anmol proudly states. “I’m now a Financial Advisor with Scotiabank and pursuing my CFP certification at the CFIP. I hope to enrol and complete my MBA at CBU soon.”

When Anmol isn’t working or studying, you’ll still find him pursuing his passions. “I’m always outdoors. I love Sea-Dooing and swimming,” he says. “I’m also fond of playing cricket, basketball, badminton and pool. When I have time, I love traveling to Bali, Indonesia.”

Anmol has some words of wisdom for future BHTM students. “Trust the process!” he says. “Volunteer and represent CBU whenever you have the chance. But most importantly, don’t be afraid to get to know the faculty. Mary Jane, Stephanie, Jennifer, Megan and Daniel want to see you succeed. They are so kind and supportive. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank them enough.”