Quality Assurance

The Vice-President, Academic and Provost is responsible for Quality Assurance at Cape Breton University. The Quality Assurance process is directed by CBU’s Quality Assurance Framework.

The Quality Assurance review process is designed to:

  • Promote and encourage a high level of teaching, research, and learning.
  • Examine the role, objectives, and outcomes of programs and services.
  • Examine the role of research, its contribution to teaching and learning, and the development of knowledge in general.
  • Assist CBU in assessing and improving the quality of its programs and services.
  • Contribute information for the institutional planning process.
  • Demonstrate accountability to the Board of Governors and the community at large.
  • Assure the compatibility of individual programs and service activities within the framework of the mission, vision, and strategic directions of the institution.
  • Demonstrate accountability and compliance with the goals, policy, and guidelines of the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission in matters of Quality Assurance.

Graduate Attributes

Graduate attributes are the higher-level skills and qualities that students should obtain through their learning and overall university experiences. Each student will bring a unique lens to their learning and, in turn, will experience the CBU graduate attributes in their own way. These attributes are not meant to represent specific or remedial skills that are to be taught; they are to be developed over time across a wide range of courses and experiences that students will have.