Cyclical Reviews

Completed Reviews



Name of Review Last Review Completed In Executive Summary Final Report
Bachelor of Health Sciences 2011 BHSc Executive Summary BHSC Full Review
School of Professional Studies 2014 SPS Executive Summary SPS Full Review
Shannon School of Business 2014 SSOB Executive Summary SSOB Full Review
School of Science and Technology 2016 SST Executive Summary SST Full Review
Bachelor of Arts 2017 BA Executive Summary BA Full Review
Bachelor of Arts Community Studies 2018 BACS Executive Summary BACS Full Review
Master of Business Administration 2018 MBA Executive Summary MBA Full Review
Office of Research and Graduate Studies 2019 ORGS Executive Summary ORGS Full Review
Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management 2021 BHTM Executive Summary BHTM Full Review
Library 2021 Library Executive Summary Library Full Review
Centre for Teaching and Learning 2022 CTL Executive Summary CTL Full Review
Cultural Resources 2023 Cultural Resources Executive Summary Cultural Resources Full Review
Bachelor of Engineering Technology 2023 BET Executive Summary BET Full Review
Office of the Registrar and Admissions 2023 ORA Executive Summary  ORA Full Review
Student Affairs 2023 SA Executive Summary  SA Full Review
Emergency Management 2023 EM Executive Summary EM Full Review
Bachelor of Business Administration 2023 BBA Executive Summary BBA Full Review


Reviews In Progress

Name of Review Launch Date Status*
Bachelor of Science April 2022 Self-Study In Progress
Post Baccalaureate Supply Chain Management April 2022 Self-Study In Progress
Post Baccalaureate Business Management April 2022 External Visit Completed
Diploma in Educational Technology February 2023 Self-Study In Progress

*Report status last updated October 2023.