Special Convocation

Cape Breton Highlanders 150th Anniversary

Special Convocation – Live Stream

October 1, 2021

Boardmore Theatre, Cape Breton University

Welcome to the Cape Breton University Special Convocation Live Stream as we celebrate the history and impact of the Cape Breton Highlanders on Canada’s wartime history.

On October 13, 1871, the Victoria Provisional Battalion of Infantry was officially organized and headquartered at Baddeck, Victoria County, Nova Scotia. The Battalion, known today as The Cape Breton Highlanders, drew from settler and immigrant communities in Cape Breton Island in the 19th century – largely highlanders of Scottish origin whose families had arrived in the previous decades. One hundred and fifty years later, in October of 2021, the Cape Breton Highlanders are again coming together to celebrate the 150th anniversary of their organization.

Today, we celebrate four long-serving members of the Cape Breton Highlanders during a special convocation ceremony. This ceremony is part of the Cape Breton Highlanders and the Shaping of Canada: Conference on Military and Social History, hosted by Cape Breton University, the Cape Breton Highlanders Association and Atlantic Memorial Park.