CBUSU – Get to Know Your CBU Students’ Union

Cape Breton, NS

The mission of the Cape Breton University Students’ Union (CBUSU) is to represent you, the students of CBU, ensuring that your voices are heard on all aspects of university life. In addition to their role as Student Government, the CBUSU runs The Pit, Caper Convenience and is home to the Caper Times, Caper Radio, the Multicultural Hub, the Women’s Centre and the Pride and Ally Centre.
The CBUSU Executive team is comprised of student leaders who work diligently to fulfil the diverse needs of the student body. Their roles are President, Executive Vice President, Vice President Finance and Operations, and Vice President Promotions. We are #CBUProud to introduce you to the 2018 Executive team through a series of profiles so that you can get to know them a little better. Gunny, Nagy, Bhreagh and Emily are proud to be your representatives and can’t wait to make this year the best one yet!

President Gunny Brar

Executive Vice President Nagy Abdou

VPFO Bhreagh Gillis

VPP Emily MacLennan

Meet Parteek (Gunny) Brar

Parteek Brar, known affectionately as Gunny, is your CBUSU President. Gunny was drawn to CBU from India by the small class sizes and exceptional nursing program. Now in his third year of the Bachelor of Science, Nursing program, Gunny guarantees that the students of CBU will have a dedicated advocate during his time as President.
Gunny has always found passion in advocating for his fellow students and originally got involved with the CBUSU by becoming a member of the Student Representative Council. In his role as President, Gunny works closely with University administration, along with local and provincial government to ensure decisions are made with the best interest of the students in mind.
What Gunny enjoys most about CBU is the close and welcoming community environment. He says professor Bernie MacLennan has been a great friend and mentor during his time at CBU, and recommends taking his MicroBiology course.
When he’s not in the office, Gunny enjoys socializing and meeting new people, especially students at CBU. He wants students to know that his door is always open and he’s always ready to chat about the great services offered by the CBUSU.
Gunny would like to wish all CBU students a successful academic year full of fun!

Meet Nagy Abdou

Nagy Abdou is the Executive Vice President of the CBUSU and is enrolled in his third year of the Bachelor of Business Administration program. Nagy transferred to CBU from the Canadian International College in Egypt and knew he wanted to become involved on campus.
In his role as Executive Vice President, Nagy says he is eager to learn more about student issues while advocating for fair treatment and inclusivity on campus. He feels at home here at CBU because of the friendly and helpful people and wants to provide that same welcoming environment to other students.
The professors who have had the biggest impact on Nagy thus far are Sahand Ashtab for his unique teaching methods and John Hudec for his great personality.
Nagy enjoys spending his free time exploring the Island, playing soccer and training for track and field. He loves hearing from students, especially when they are sharing their ideas on how to improve life on campus.
Nagy’s message to the student body is to take advantage of every opportunity offered at CBU and remember we’re all just one big family!

Meet Bhreagh Gillis

Bhreagh Gillis is your Vice President Finance and Operations and grew up right here in Sydney. She is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration Program with a major in Accounting and this is her first year being involved in student government.
Bhreagh is responsible for overseeing the use of student fees to ensure that they  are benefiting students. She also supervises both the Pit and Caper Convenience and works closely with the various student societies on campus. Though it can be challenging, Bhreagh takes on this responsibility with excitement and is proud to represent the student body here at CBU.
Bhreagh’s favourite class, Cost Accounting with John McKinnon, has helped her develop realistic, problem solving techniques and a skill set that has been extremely beneficial in her role as VPFO.
One thing Bhreagh wants CBU students to know, is that she loves visitors! So you’re always welcome to drop by her office for a tour of the CBUSU, chat about new ideas for societies, or just play with the giant calculator in her office.
Her advice to students is to take advantage of the opportunities to get involved on campus. Whether you’re interested in organizing fun social events, advocating for student rights, or working behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly, there’s a place for everyone at the CBUSU!

Meet Emily MacLennan

Emily MacLennan is your Vice President Promotions and grew up in the little town of Bras d’Or. She is enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration Program and fell in love with CBU after attending CBU 101 while she was in high school.
In her role as VPP, Emily is responsible for improving the overall student experience here at CBU. That includes everything from running social media accounts, planning awesome events and so much more!
The course that Emily has enjoyed most during her studies is Intro to Public Communications with Felix Odartey-Wellington. In the past, Emily has struggled with shyness, but this course provided her with confidence and techniques that she will carry throughout her career.
When she’s away from the office, Emily enjoys spending time with the people she loves whether it’s grabbing an iced coffee or going on an adventure around Cape Breton. She is always eager to hang out with students and lend a helping hand wherever she can.
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