Aleena Saju

Cape Breton, NS

When Aleena Saju thinks about Cape Breton University, two words come to mind, acceptance and freedom. Originally from Kerala, India, Aleena was drawn to CBU by her dream of obtaining a Bachelor of Engineering Technology degree. Now, with graduation just around the corner, Aleena says her time at CBU has provided her not only with a degree, but so much more.

“My experiences here at CBU are beyond words,” says Aleena. “Everything from the classroom learning and relationships with professors to the adorable therapy dogs on campus has added to my journey to make it so enjoyable.”

Aleena’s area of study is Electronics and Controls, and she says the teaching methods at CBU exceeded her expectations. “The professors are incredibly patient and so willing to answer our questions,” she says. “They provided me an excellent understanding of the subject matter as well as opportunities for hands-on learning.”

When she wasn’t in the classroom or working hard in the lab, Aleena immersed herself in the campus culture, volunteering and participating at various events. Her favourite were those held during Multiculturalism Week. “The events literally made me feel like I was experiencing the whole world,” says Aleena. “They opened my eyes to how different each culture is, yet how we are all one here at CBU.”

Aleena would like to thank all of her professors, along with the staff at the CBU Library for being so helpful throughout her educational experience. She says the University has prepared her for the future in many ways, but most importantly through the development of strong communication skills. “By being able to interact with so many people here at CBU I have met people from different backgrounds and learned so much from them,” she says. “I feel grounded and confident to go out into this country that I now love, and contribute something special.”

Though she is looking forward to graduation, Aleena says she will miss sitting with her friends in the cafeteria, spending their free time chatting between classes. She says the close-knit community makes the university really special.

Aleena’s final advice to those considering CBU is this: “Don’t think twice, enrol right away,” she says. “You’ll experience something like no other here at CBU.”

We are thankful that our campus community has been made stronger by Aleena and we know she will always look back on her time at CBU with fondness.

Congratulations Aleena, we are so proud of you!

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