CBU and Chalo Canada Partner for Skills Development Courses

CBU, in partnership with Chalo Canada, recently launched a series of short-term skill development courses designed to provide students with the skills needed to become successful leaders and entrepreneurs. Two, month-long courses will be offered during the summer 2018  term and are focused on leadership development and entrepreneurship.

Leadership Development
The Leadership Training course uses a combination of lectures, discussions, cases and presentations to focus on leadership training techniques. It covers major issues in leadership and presents practical techniques for implementation. Learners will be able to analyze typical leadership problems and develop options for solutions, including means for conflict resolution and mediation. A strong emphasis is placed on cultural and political differences in the conduct of community organization and leadership training, and their effect on outcomes.

The Social Dynamics of Leadership course focuses on how modes of communication, the distribution of power, values, the sharing of knowledge and the ways people interact with each other, affects leadership. The purpose of the course is to help participants gain an understanding of the sociological, psychological and cultural factors that contribute to leadership behaviours and the ways in which people respond to them. It will provide practical tools with which students can assess and improve their own leadership skills.

Entrepreneurship Development

Social entrepreneurship refers to initiatives by citizens and community groups to respond to social needs.  Social enterprises are blurring the lines between the sectors, taking for-profit, non-profit and hybrid forms of organization. The objective of this course is to introduce students to the concepts, practices and challenges of social entrepreneurship. Students will learn from examples of regional experiences and from case studies that illustrate the application of business skills in the social sector. The course discusses the impact of trust and social capital in communities and the use of the Balanced Scorecard to strengthen the management of the enterprise.

This Nature of Entrepreneurship course is intended for students of any program or discipline to aid their thinking of how they can perceive and construct their worlds of opportunity. The course brings together a range of perspectives and disciplines to assist students in taking personal and social action to discover and act on ideas and problems as opportunities, to recognise and generate multiple forms of value, and to apply techniques and frameworks in taking entrepreneurial action.

Each of these courses is four-weeks in length and begin on June 25, 2018. The program is available for students from India and tuition covers the full cost of the course including course fees, residence, food, health insurance, and return travel to India. Classes run during the day from Monday to Friday and tourist attractions will visited during the weekends to give students a full appreciation of the beauty that Cape Breton Island has to offer. Attractions include The Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site, Cabot Trail tours

For more information or to enrol, please contact Chalo Canada directly at info@chalocanada.ca