Solidarity with the People of Ukraine

To the University community,

We are saddened and devastated by the news and images coming from Ukraine this past week and the terrible humanitarian crisis that is unfolding.

I want to offer my support and concern for the people of Ukraine, as well as those in our University community who are affected by this unfolding tragedy. The Russian government’s attack on its neighbour, a sovereign nation, is unjust and unacceptable. There is no place for such unnecessary violence or war in our world today.

I want to acknowledge and send my support to the members of Cape Breton Island’s longstanding Ukrainian community, many with family members in Ukraine, who are profoundly affected by this massive, unwarranted attack and this further invasion of Ukraine.

Let us come together to support one another – and also to do what we can in solidarity with students and academics in Ukraine who have reached out to colleagues around the world. We can be a real source of strength to each other in times of fear and loss in all parts of the world.

As a community, we continue to be inspired by the Ukrainian people — who remain courageous, resilient and determined as they defend their communities and their country, and as they long for peace and for a future without war.

I also want to acknowledge all the people around the world who are finding creative ways to resist the aggression and show solidarity – including many courageous students and citizens in Russia who are calling for an end to this war.

Please stay well, be kind and take care of each other.


Yours very truly,

David C. Dingwall

Please note that if at any time you need assistance or support, I encourage you to visit the mental health resources section on to access information on resources available for students, faculty and staff.