Labour Relations Update – January 23, 2023

To the CBU Community,

The University and CBUFA met again today for a third day of conciliation in our ongoing collective bargaining process. Regretfully, conciliation has ended without a tentative agreement. CBU has tabled a final offer and asked CBUFA to take this proposal to its membership for consideration.

CBU has worked hard over the last number of months to try and achieve a negotiated collective agreement. A strike would be especially hard on our students and also negatively impact the Cape Breton community as a whole. CBU has listened to CBUFA and has withdrawn most of its proposals or come to the table with compromises. For example:

  • The Teaching Scholar proposal has been withdrawn;
  • The Memorandum of Agreement to address staffing in high-risk programs has been withdrawn;
  • The annual salary increase proposal has been increased.

The University’s latest proposal, for a three-year term, ensures the salaries of CBUFA members among the highest in the Nova Scotia university sector. The updated proposal includes:

  • A total general increase of 8% over the next three years (3%, 2.5%, and 2.5% per year) in addition to existing annual step increases; and
  • Adding additional steps as permanent increases to the following salary scales to ensure similarity with other primarily undergraduate institutions in Nova Scotia: Lab Instructor (6.4% increase), Senior Lab Instructor (5.5% increase) and Librarian II (2.6% increase).

Full details of this financial proposal can be found here.

This proposal matches the economic increase ratified by the Dalhousie University Faculty Association as of January 13.

CBUFA’s counterproposal on salaries included a total increase of 14% over the next two years (7% per year).

We have prepared an FAQ to keep you updated. These FAQs will continue to be updated, so please check back frequently.

Student FAQ

Employee FAQ 

Students and employees will receive an additional email tomorrow with information on what to expect, including how to know if your course is taught by a CBUFA member. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION in the event of a CBUFA strike:

  •         There are two teaching unions at CBU. The first is the NSGEU and the second, CBUFA. Only CBUFA is contemplating a work stoppage at this time
  •         All CBUFA courses and services will stop (at all CBU locations)
  •         Non-CBUFA courses will continue as usual (a list will be posted before any strike begins)
  •         Students will continue to have access to campus and most student services
  •         CBUFA has indicated that they will begin a strike on Friday, January 27, 2023.


For accurate and up-to-date information visit and if you have questions you would like to submit for the FAQ, please send them to



Cape Breton University