My CBU Story: Kristopher Power

After graduating from Cape Breton University with a Bachelor of Arts Community Studies in 2018, Kristopher Power took a year off to decide which direction he wanted his future to go. During that time, Kristopher worked different jobs and volunteered in his community before realizing his dream profession was to become a teacher. At that point, he knew there was no better place than CBU to pursue his new goal. That decision has paid off as he is now set to graduate with a Bachelor of Education, with an elementary-sustainability concentration. 

Born and raised in Sydney and having already attended CBU for his undergraduate degree, Kristopher knew staying close to home during his studies would be the right choice. The small class sizes in CBU’s B.Ed. program allowed him to have the best learning experience possible. “I really enjoyed being part of a small cohort,” he says. “It allowed me to take so much away from the B.Ed. program.” 

While Kristopher says he had too many great professors to count during his time at CBU, Instructors Donna Sullivan and Scott Murchison were especially impactful. “They were really inspiring for me as a future educator because they taught me to think outside the box and get out of my comfort zone,” says Kristopher. “This has definitely made me a better student and teacher.” 

During his B.Ed. program, Kristopher made many long-lasting friendships which is something he cherishes about the experience. He says he felt a sense of community every day at CBU and wishes his fellow graduates good luck in all of their future endeavours. “I am so thankful to my family, friends, professors and classmates for cheering me on and giving me the confidence I needed to complete this degree,” says Kristopher. 

Currently, Kristopher is a substitute teacher for the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional Centre for Education and coaches in the Sydney Minor Hockey Association. In the future, he plans to strengthen his professional career by gaining a Master of Education degree.

Congratulations to Kristopher and the entire Fall 2022 graduating class!