From Watching the Movies to Living the Dream – Meet Deepanshu

For some, attending a large, state-of-the-art university is like living in a dream. This is exactly the case for CBU student Deepanshu. “Being a student at CBU is like living in a dream, this is the type of university that I used to watch in movies when I was a kid,” he says. “I always used to think that one day I’d go to that type of university like the actors did and here I am.”

Deepanshu is from Safidon, Haryana, India, and is in his first year of the Diploma in Government Management program. Deepanshu first began at CBU in the Bachelor of Community Studies program, however, after taking a political science course and learning more about politics, he  thought the Government Management program may be a better fit. “I found this subject very interesting, learning about another country’s laws and politics is quite fascinating,” says Deepanshu. “I was already a little knowledgeable of the subject because I was involved in student politics at my school. My grandfather was also a politician back home.”

After learning about the many educational opportunities for international students in Canada, Deepanshu did his research to help him figure out what university might be the best fit for him. “I did some research on various universities and colleges throughout Canada for pursuing a higher education,” he explains. “Cape Breton University quickly caught my attention thanks to its extensive world history and the magnificent scenery of the Island.”

Inside the classroom, Deepanshu is learning a lot in his field of study that he finds quite exhilarating. “For me, the most thrilling part is gaining new knowledge and understanding about governance and policy in every province of Canada,” he says. “The satisfaction of piecing together the puzzle of how societies are structured and managed by the government is an incredible feeling.”

Outside of the classroom, Deepanshu has remained actively involved in the many events and initiatives taking place on campus. From playing pool in the games room with friends and attending bingo nights in The Pit Lounge, to participating in a Cricket tournament hosted by the CBU Recreation team, there’s always something to do.

The most enjoyable part about living in Cape Breton for Deepanshu has been a mixture of the people, the nature and the rich, vibrant culture that truly captured his heart. He’s met many new people and formed strong connections, one of which includes his favourite CBU professor, Dr. Jan Hancock, department of L’nu, Political and Social Studies. “He understood my learning style; he was fun and made me want to go to university every day,” says Deepanshu. “If someone has an interest in Canadian law, politics or administration, then this program is the right direction for them.”

From being a movie-loving child with dreams of one day attending a big university, to being accepted to CBU and moving across the globe, Deepanshu’s journey has been quite eventful so far. Being in his first year in university means there is still so much to soak up and a world full of opportunities ahead. We can’t wait to see what Deepanshu will accomplish.