From Incredible Achievements to Overcoming Adversity: Meet Arshjot Kaur

In 2022 Arshjot Kaur made the​ difficult decision to leave her home of India and come to Cape Breton University to study Supply Chain Management. Now in her final semester, Arshjot has been living in Cape Breton for the last two years and says she has loved every minute of it. “There are endless things to love about Cape Breton,” says Arshjot. “Be it the Cabot Trail, the Fortress of Louisbourg or the beautiful Big Fiddle. Not to mention the people here who are so welcoming of each community. Above all, it’s a tidy and peaceful place away from all the chaos of bigger cities.”

After high academic achievement in India, including an Indian Excellency Award and being named one India’s Top 100 Women and Business Icons, given the title of “Most Versatile Woman”, Arshjot decided to come to CBU following some initial research. Of course, she spent time researching the University’s academic offerings, but it was the natural beauty of the Island that sealed the deal. “I love being close to nature and I want to live in a peaceful place,” says Arshjot. “When I saw some Youtube videos showcasing this beautiful Island, I couldn’t wait to get here!”

Before she arrived at CBU, Arshjot already had numerous degrees and certificates in a number of different fields. Her prior studies included a Bachelor of Commerce with honors from Maharishi Markandeshwar University, an American English specialization certificate from the University of California and a certificate for the course ‘Managing the Company of the Future’ from the University of London. Other areas she’s received certifications in include digital marketing, a diploma in cooking, makeup artistry and even some French language training.

Though such a big move would be scary for anyone, Arshjot says CBU’s inclusivity and diversity quickly won her heart. “The thing I love most about CBU is the diversity,” she says. “I always feel at home whenever I’m on campus. Every member of the staff is so nice and easy to get along with. Even being many miles away from India, it still feels like home.”

Arshjot’s time hasn’t been without its challenges, but she faces each with a positive attitude. “One major challenge was an injury I sustained at my previous work place, which I am still dealing with today,” says Arshjot. “Thankfully, everyone I am around regularly, be it at my workplace or the University, tries to help me the best they can. This makes the hard times much easier to pass.” Arshjot also had to deal with a medical emergency recently, and says her current employer was very understanding. They approved her vacation time so she could see her parents and receive a necessary operation. 

Arshjot cites her friends, classmates and fellow employees as the reason she was able to continue her academic and professional success even during these challenges. “During those hard times, some of my classmates, co-workers and especially my friends were a great help,” she shares. “From helping me get groceries to helping with house chores, I will always be grateful to all who were there for me.”

Now that Arshjot is back on her feet, she intends to finish her studies at CBU and continue on to finding a full-time career in her field of study, Supply Chain Management. Arshjot hopes to see other students living abroad taking a chance on CBU, like she did two years ago. “I would like to say to any student who is sitting back in their home country and wondering, ‘is CBU worth it’, I would say a big yes!” says Arshjot. “Just come to CBU and you will fall in love with this Island and its people.”

As Arshjot races to the finish line of her journey with CBU, her perseverance and determination must be admired. We are so glad she has found a loving and understanding environment here at Cape Breton University and on the Island.