Registering For Courses at CBU: 5 Easy Steps [3min Read]

Registering for your courses is the final step in your course-selection journey before hitting the books, and we’re here to guide you through the process. Below you’ll find 5 steps to complete your course registration at CBU.

1. Choose your courses

This step may be obvious, but it’s an important one! Before you register for courses, you have to actually choose which courses you need to successfully complete your year and your degree. You can find course descriptions by accessing the Academic Calendar: under the “document type” option, choose “course catalogue.” If you’re unsure what courses you need, feel free to reach out to an Academic Advisor.

Note: If you are new to CBU, meeting with an Academic Advisor is mandatory before registration.
Pro-tip: when reading the course descriptions, make sure to check the prerequisites for each course.

2. Choose your schedule

Once you’ve decided what courses you’ll be taking for the year, the next step is to put them into a schedule that works for you. You can find what times classes are offered by using the Academic Timetable. The important pieces of information to note here are the course codes (XXXX1234) and the course section (:12).

Pro-tip: make sure to double check in what semester each course is offered so you can ensure you are selecting the correct one!

3. Log in to your Student Account

Now that you’ve come up with a schedule that fits your needs and have your list of exciting courses, you’re one step closer to completing your registration. Registration can be done online through your Student Account, or in person at Enrolment Services. If you decide to register online, you can access your Student Account here, or on the top right-hand side of our main website (

To log in, you’ll need your student ID (2019XXXX). If this is your first time accessing your Student Account, you’ll also need to click “Register for a PIN,” and fill in your information.

Pro tip: If you’re new to CBU and unsure what your student ID is, reference your acceptance letter or contact Enrolment Services.

4. Register for your courses

Once you’ve created a PIN and logged into your Student Access, it’s time to register! There are a few sub-steps here, so hang in!

  1. Follow this path from the top menu: Academic >> Register >> Add Courses
  2. Use the drop-down menu to select the Academic Year for which you wish to register, and click “GO.”
  3. Fill in the course number and section you recorded earlier (in step 2), and click “Get Course.”
  4. The course information will then be displayed, and you can now click “Add to my List.”
  5. The form will now show blank fields, and you can repeat steps C & D until all of your courses are added.

Lastly, when you are finished adding all courses, you can click “View List”on the registration screen for review before completing registration.

Pro tip: Some classes fill up quickly. It may help to keep the Academic Timetable open during your registration so you can choose another course section should this happen.

5. Confirm your registration

Now that you’ve reviewed your course list, it’s time to complete and confirm your registration. Click the “Register” button, followed by “Confirm.”
Ta-da! You’re registered, and we can’t wait to see you.