Registering For Courses at CBU: 5 Easy Steps [3min Read]

Registering for your courses is the final step in your journey before you’re officially an enrolled CBU student! It can be one of the most fun things you do before hitting the books, and we’re here to guide you through the process. Below you’ll find 5 steps to complete your course registration at CBU.

Please note, if you are new to CBU, meeting with an Academic Advisor is mandatory before registration.

1. Log in to your student account 

Registration of courses is done through our new Compass Student System. You’ll need your CBU username which is the CBU email given to you ( and a password which is your date of birth (YYMMDD) to login. 

Note: You can find more information about Your Accounts here.

Pro tip: If you’re new to CBU and unsure what your CBU email is, reference your acceptance letter or contact Enrolment Services.

2. Choose your courses

This step may be obvious, but it’s an important one! Before you register for courses, you have to actually choose which courses you need to successfully complete your year and your degree. You can find course descriptions by accessing the ‘course catalogue’ in the Colleague Self-service Portal of the Compass Student System. There are two ways you can search for the courses you want to register for; in the search bar or you can scroll through the list of courses and select the course title you’re interested in taking.

Note: The important pieces of information to note here are the course codes (XXXX 1234 or XXXX-1234) and the course section (:12).

Pro-tip: When reading the course descriptions, make sure to check the prerequisites for each course.

3. Choose your schedule

Once you’ve decided what courses you’ll be taking for the year, the next step is to put them into a schedule that works for you. You can find what time classes are offered by clicking the course you want to register for in the ‘course catalogue’ and clicking ‘view available sections’. This will allow you to see all the available sections of the course including the days and times they are offered and the professor teaching the course. Once you find what section you want click ‘add section to schedule’ and ‘add section’ again. 

Pro-tip: make sure to double check in what semester each course is offered so you can ensure you are selecting the correct one!

4. Register for your courses

Now that you’ve come up with a schedule that fits your needs and have your list of exciting courses, you’re one step closer to completing your registration. Next, go back to the homepage in the Compass Student System and click ‘student planning.’ From here click ‘plan your degree and register your courses.’ Once here you will be able to view the courses in your schedule, the courses will appear in yellow blocks when they have been selected but registration is not finalized.

5. Finalize your registration

Now that you’ve reviewed your course schedule, it’s time to complete and finalize your registration. Click ‘Register Now’ in the top right hand corner of the screen and the registration blocks will turn green, finalizing your registration. 

Ta-da! You’re registered, and we can’t wait to see you.