Far Away from Family, Feeling at Home [2min Read]

After starting a degree in Electrical Engineering, I realized I wanted to obtain broader knowledge in the field of electronics and control. This led me to transfer from India to Cape Breton University for the Bachelor of Engineering Technology degree. Gurjinder - Internal

In the very first week of the semester, I was welcomed by staff members that gave me guidance regarding student life and ways to be successful in my degree. Among all of the help I received, I came across the Writing Centre, which taught me how to build my resume. With English not being my first language, this was a relief to myself and my brother, who is also a student here.

I’m lucky to have my brother with me because we get to complete our degrees together. My brother is studying mechanical engineering and wants to continue into petroleum engineering. With both of us being in engineering-focused degrees, the engineering faculty showed us a way to select courses that suited our interests best. The professors at Cape Breton University are generous and have an immense knowledge in their respective fields.

I have completed my first semester at CBU and overall the experience was fabulous. I know this incredible experience will continue until I complete my Bachelor of Engineering Technology degree. I’m far away from family, but when I am here the feeling is familiar to home. CBU has taught my brother and I how to live in a multicultural community which enhances my confidence, communication and relationships between professors and friends. Due to a united and diverse community, Cape Breton University is my home away from home.

When my time at CBU ends, I hope to obtain a job working in my field of interest. After getting experience, I would like to eventually open a business with my father and brother. I feel that Cape Breton University has given me the skills I need for my future endeavours.

My brother and I both feel fortunate to have found Cape Breton University. We found our desired courses and we got the opportunity to live, study and stay together, even when we’re miles away from our home in India.
Gurjinder Singh, Bachelor of Engineering Technology student.