5 Reasons to Attend a University Open House [3min Read]

Choosing a university is one of the first big decisions young adults make. Luckily, there are many resources available to help with this decision. One of the best ways to determine whether or not a university is the right fit for you is to visit its Open House and information sessions. Open House events provide visitors with valuable insights into program options, university life and the overall campus experience. To learn more about the benefits of attending a university Open House, keep reading!

Reason 1 – Learn More About Academic Programs

If you’re unsure of what program you’re going to pursue, or if you need more information on programs, an Open House is a great place to start. Speaking with professors or students from various programs will give you an idea of what you are interested in. They may even help you decide on a program and/or major that’s right for you. Have a look online at the university’s programs before you visit the Open House. This way you’ll have an idea of which programs you want to explore and questions you may want to ask.

Reason 2 – Explore the Facilities & Experience the Atmosphere

What better way to get a feel for campus than to experience it yourself? You may spend a few years at this university, so make sure the overall environment is one that you’ll feel comfortable in. Take some time to check out the cafeteria, the library and maybe even search for a cozy study area (as a student, you’ll likely spend a lot of time in these spaces). Make sure the university feels like a comfortable and safe place where you can see yourself thriving as a student.

Don’t forget to ask about getting involved on campus. Maybe you can join a society to meet like-minded friends, or add to your resume by volunteering for events. After all, your post-secondary experience isn’t just within the classroom.

Reason 3 – Meet Current Students, Faculty, Staff and Alumni

Attending a university’s Open House provides the opportunity to meet and learn from current students and alumni. You can ask questions about their time at CBU, which will give you an idea of the opportunities and experiences available on campus.

Along with chatting to students and alumni, you’ll also have a chance to speak with faculty and staff. This is the perfect moment to ask professors about specific courses, potential career paths, or more general questions such as what to expect from a university-level course.

Reason 4 – Find Out About Financial Aid and Student Services

University can be challenging at times, so it’s important to find out about the resources available to you. Whether you’re finding it difficult to create good study habits, or you’re experiencing financial difficulty, universities have resources in place to get you through tough times. Find out more about financial aid or scholarship applications by visiting some of the information booths at the Open House.

Reason 5 – Maybe Win Great Prizes

Who doesn’t want free stuff? Most university Open House events have giveaways and prize draws throughout the day. For example, at CBU, we offer a prize just for pre-registering (!) as well as the option to apply for FREE before the event. When you pre-register for Open House at CBU, you receive an application promo code. That code is active until the day before Open House, so make sure to apply in time. When you attend Open House you can expect to receive a decision letter from your application, which makes the event even more exciting!

So there you have it. Attending Open House provides future university students the opportunities to explore campus and programs while socializing with current students, alumni and faculty. Along with prize giveaways, FREE applications and course advice, Open House is one of the best ways to decide whether or not a university is right for you.

Register for Open House, taking place October 23 at CBU. By pre-registering for this event, you will receive an application promo code and become eligible for the MacBook prize draw.