Wellness Strategy

The Consultation Process

A comprehensive Wellness Strategy is key to any strong organization.

We know that there is a lot happening on campus related to health and wellness, but we can certainly do more and be more coordinated and strategic in our efforts.  That’s why we’re building a strategy for faculty, staff and students.

Initial consultation for the strategy began at the University’s Annual Grand Meeting held in August 2019. Lots of input was gathered from the more than 400 people in attendance that day and the insights are helping to inform next steps.

Since then, a lead and project manager have been assigned and Steering and Project Management Committees have been established.  Special project and working groups will also be created to help bolster the consultation process.


Steering Committee Members were selected based on their academic and research expertise and/or expressed personal commitment to health and wellness.  A call for committee members was issued at the Grand Meeting.


Paige Westbury , Marketing Manager

Emma Drohan, Cape Breton University Students’ Union

Dr. Audrey Walsh, Associate Professor, Nursing

Dr. Terry Gibbs, Professor, Political Science

John MacMillan, Instructor, Health Sciences

Janice Basque, Enrolment Services Professional – Unama’ki College

Dr. John Hudec Assistant Professor, Community Studies

John Ryan, Director Athletics and Campus Life

Yann Artur, Fitness and Active Living Coordinator

Herbie Sakalauskas, Video Production Specialist

Dr. Jane Lewis, Executive Director, Center for Health, Wellness & Extended Learning (Project Lead)

Bill Bailey, P.Eng. MScHyg (Project Manager)

Patti Merrigan, Director, Human Resources

John Mayich, Director, Student Affairs

Shauna Kelly, Chief of Staff

Judy Kelly, Manager, Health Services

Becky Chisholm, Director, Marketing & Communications





Get Involved

We strive for excellence and will create a culture at CBU in which best practices and procedures related to health and wellness are embedded across all aspects of what we do.  Promoting health for life, will become a core institutional value.

We need your help. Be engaged in the development of your Wellness Strategy.


Focus Group Sessions Themes

Focus Group themes were selected based on feedback gathered during the Grand Meeting. More themes will be added.

  1. Campus Recreation & Activities
  2. Diversity & Cultural Awareness
  3. Food Services
  4. Health Research and Advocacy
  5. Health Services
  6. Mental Health Support
  7. Occupational Health & Safety Culture
  8. Facilities
  9. Professional Development


Focus groups will begin on January 10 and will occur over 4 consecutive Fridays.  Themes have been clustered into groups of three as follows, with sessions to be repeated in morning and afternoon.

Morning sessions:  9 am-12pm
Afternoon sessions:  1pm-4pm
Location: Multipurpose Room

January  24 –  Occupational Health and Safety /  Food Services / Facilities

January 31 – Campus Recreation / Professional Development / Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

February 7 – Themes to be Determined

Individuals may attend more than one session. Please indicate choice of morning or afternoon sessions, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices of themes. Effort will be made to align participants with their theme of choice but this cannot be guaranteed.

RSVP should be received a min. of 3 days in advance of session (no later than the Tuesday of the week in which a focus group occurs)   

For more information and to RSVP email:  bill_bailey@cbu.ca

If you are unable to attend one of the sessions, you can submit your thought via this form.