Active Course List

There are two teaching unions at CBU, CBUFA and NSGEU. Classes taught by NSGEU members will continue as usual.

The full list of classes that will continue during the strike can be found below. If your class is not on this list, it is paused as of 6:30am Friday, January 27, 2023. 

For information on MBAC courses in the MBA in Community Economic Development program please contact

To view our list of FAQs surrounding the strike, please click here. 

CHEM-2404-0: Environmental Chemistry
CHEM-2404L-0: Environmental Chemistry Lab
CHEM-1104L-15: General Chemistry I Lab
CHEM-1104L-16: General Chemistry I Lab
CHEM-1104L-17: General Chemistry I Lab
CHEM-1105L-1: General Chemistry II Lab
CHEM-1105L-6: General Chemistry II Lab

CHEM2601L-2: Introductory Biochemistry Lab

COMP-1163-0: Computer Applications
COMP-1163L-1: Computer Applications Lab
COMP-1163L-2: Computer Applications Lab

DRAF-1163-0: Ind. Applic. of Drafting
DRAF-1163L-1: Ind. Applic. of Drafting Lab
DRAF-1163L-2: Ind. Applic. of Drafting Lab
DRAF-1163L-3: Ind. Applic. of Drafting Lab

ELEC-1164-0: Fundamentals of Electricity II
ELEC-1164L-1: Fund. of Electricity II Lab
ELEC-1164L-2: Fund. of Electricity II Lab
ELEC-1165-0: Analog Electronics Circuits
ELEC-1165L-1: Analog. Elec. Circuits Lab
ELEC-1165L-2: Analog. Elec. Circuits Lab
ELEC-2163-0: Linear Integrated Circuits
ELEC-2163L-1: Linear Integrated Circuits Lab
ELEC-2168-0: Programmable Logic Controllers
ELEC-2168L-1: PLC Lab
ELEC-2168L-2: PLC Lab
ELEC-2168L-3: PLC Lab
ELEC-2168L-4: PLC Lab
ELEC-2169-0: Technology Thesis
ELEC-2169L-2: Technology Thesis Lab
ELEC-2169L-3: Technology Thesis Lab
ELEC-2169L-4: Technology Thesis Lab
ELEC-2363-0: Process Measurements II
ELEC-2363L-1: Process Measurements II Lab
ELEC-2363L-2: Process Measurements II Lab
ELEC-2365-0: Process Controls II
ELEC-2365L-1: Process Controls II Lab
ELEC-2365L-2: Process Controls II Lab
ELEC-3161-0: Embedded Operating Systems
ELEC-3161L-1: Embedded Operating Systems Lab
ELEC-3161L-2: Embedded Operating Systems Lab
ELEC-3163-0: Digital Signal Processing
ELEC-3163L-1: Digital Signal Processing Lab
ELEC-3163L-2: Digital Signal Processing Lab
ELEC-3163L-3: Digital Signal Processing Lab
ELEC-3165-0: Applied Integ. Circuit Systems
ELEC-3165L-1: App Integ. Circuit Systems Lab
ELEC3165L-2: App Integ. Circuit Systems Lab
ELEC-3167-0: Medical Instrumentation
ELEC-3167L-1: Medical Instrumentation Lab
ELEC-3167L-2: Medical Instrumentation Lab
ELEC-4104-0: Analytics Instrumentation
ELEC-4104L-0: Analytics Instrumentation Lab

EMGT-2203-76: From Risk to Resilience
EMGT-3301-76: Communication Emergency Management
EMGT-3205-76: Managing Management
EMGT-3303-76: Business Continuity Management
EMGT-4989B-76: Emergency Management Practicum

ENGI-1167L-1: Engineering Statics Lab
ENGI-1167L-2: Engineering Statics Lab
ENGI-1167L-3: Engineering Statics Lab
ENGI-1168-0: Fluid Mechanics
ENGI-1168L-1: Fluid Mechanics Lab
ENGI-1168L-2: Fluid Mechanics Lab
ENGI-2103-1: Technical Engr. Economics
ENGI-2103-76: Technical Engr. Economics
ENGI-2103L-1: Technical Engr. Economics Lab
ENGI-2103L-2: Technical Engr. Economics Lab
ENGI-2107-0: Waste & Waste Water
ENGI-2107L-1: Waste & Waste Water Lab
ENGI-2107L-2: Waste & Waste Water Lab
ENGI-2107L-3: Waste & Waste Water Lab
ENGI-2135L-1: Engr. Design/Graphics Lab
ENGI-2135L-2: Engr. Design/Graphics Lab
ENGI-2168-0: Circuit Analysis
ENGI-2168L-0: Circuit Analysis Lab
ENGI-2173-0: Thermo-Fluid Engineering II
ENGI-2173L-0: Thermo-Fluid Engineering II Lab
ENGI-2173L-2: Thermo-Fluid Engineering II Lab
ENGI-3101-0: Technical Project Management
ENGI-3101L-1: Technical Project Management Lab
ENVI-2161-4: Air Pollution

ENVI-2161L-5: Air Pollution Lab
ENVI-2161L-6: Air Pollution Lab
ENVI-2161L-4: Air Pollution Lab
ENVI-2163-5: Occupational Hygiene
ENVI-2163-6: Occupational Hygiene
ENVI-2163L-5: Occupational Hygiene Lab
ENVI2163L-6: Occupational Hygiene Lab
ENVI-2163L-7: Occupational Hygiene Lab
ENVI2163L-8: Occupational Hygiene Lab
ENVI-3133-2: Envi Impact Assessment II
ENVI-3133-76: Envi Impact Assessment II
ENVI-3137-1: Eng. for Sustainable Dev. II
ENVI-3137-76: Eng. for Sustainable Dev. II
ENVI-3831-2: Environmental Research Project
ENVI-3831-76: Environmental Research Project
ENVI-3141-0: Remediation Techniques
ENVI-3141L-0: Remediation Techniques Lab

GEOL-1105-0: Introduction to Geology
GEOL-1105L-1: Introduction to Geology Lab
GEOL-1105L-2: Introduction to Geology Lab
GEOL-1105L-3: Introduction to Geology Lab
GEOL-3103-20: Petroleum Geology
GEOL-3103L-21: Petroleum Geology Lab
GEOL-3101L-22: Hydrogeology Lab
GEOL-3101L-24: Hydrogeology Lab
GEOL-3101L-26: Hydrogeology Lab
GEOL-3101L-27: Hydrogeology Lab

HATM-1503-0: Restaurant Operation & Service
HATM-1503L-1: Rest Oper & Service Lab
HATM-1503L-2: Rest Oper & Service Lab
HATM-1503L-3: Rest Oper & Service Lab
HATM-1504-12: Hospitality and Tourism in Canada
HATM-1506-11: Intro to Tourism Marketing
HATM-2999-2: Industry Internship I
HATM-3125-11: Tourism Operation Planning
HATM-3503-11: Mtgs and Convention Mgmt Lab
HATM-3503L-2: Mtgs and Convention Mgmt
HATM-3504-11: Resort/Facilities Mgmt./Main.
HATM-3505-11: Hospitality/Tourism Law
HATM-3508-11: Destination Marketing Mgmt.
HATM-3509-11: International Tourism Mgmt.
HATM-3999-2: Industry Internship II

LEGL-2503-0: Business Law II
LEGL-3503-0: Administrative Law
LEGL-5501-20: Bus Law & Commercial Contracts
LEGL-5501-21: Bus Law & Commercial Contracts
LEGL-5501-22: Bus Law & Commercial Contracts
LEGL-5501-23: Bus Law & Commercial Contracts
LEGL-5501-24: Bus Law & Commercial Contracts
LEGL-5501-25: Bus Law & Commercial Contracts
LEGL-5501-26: Bus Law & Commercial Contracts
LEGL-5501-27: Bus Law & Commercial Contracts
LEGL-5501-28: Bus Law & Commercial Contracts
LEGL-5501-29: Bus Law & Commercial Contracts
LEGL-5504-0: Employment Law

MGMT-4606-11: Tourism Management
MGMT-4607-11: Tourism Strategy

MANF-3131-2: Total Quality Management
MANF-3131-76: Total Quality Management
MANF-3136-76: Competitive Manu. Studies
MANF-3138-76: Product Synthesis

MATH-1107-3: Mathematics I
MATH-1107L-3: Mathematics I Lab
MATH-1208-0: Mathematics II
MATH-1208L-0: Mathematics II Lab
MATH-2205-0: Mathematics IV
MATH-2205L-0: Mathematics IV Lab

For information on MBAC courses in the MBA in Community Economic Development program please contact

MICR-2101-2: Introductory Microbiology
MICR-2101L-21: Introductory Microbiology Lab
MICR-2101L-22: Introductory Microbiology Lab
MICR-2101L-23: Introductory Microbiology Lab
MICR-2101L-24: Introductory Microbiology Lab
MICR-2101L-25: Introductory Microbiology Lab
MICR-2101L-26: Introductory Microbiology Lab
MICR-2101L-27: Introductory Microbiology Lab
MICR-3103-0: Environmental Microbiology
MICR-3103L-0: Environmental Microbiology Lab

MECH-2166-0: Fluid Power
MECH-2166L-0: Fluid Power Lab

PETR-1161-0: Drilling Engineering
PETR-1161L-1: Drilling Engineering Lab
PETR-1161L-2: Drilling Engineering Lab
PETR-1161L-3: Drilling Engineering Lab
PETR-2134-2: Materials & Equipment Design
PETR-2161-1: Reservoir Engineering
PETR-2161L-1: Reservoir Engineering Lab
PETR-2161L-2: Reservoir Engineering Lab
PETR-2164-0: Advanced Process Simulation
PETR-2164L-1: Adv. Process Simulation Lab
PETR-2164L-2: Adv. Process Simulation Lab
PETR-2164L-3: Adv. Process Simulation Lab
PETR-2165-0: Petroleum Project
PETR-2165L-1: Petroleum Project Lab
PETR-2165L-2: Petroleum Project Lab
PETR-2165L-3: Petroleum Project Lab
PETR-2165L-4: Petroleum Project Lab
PETR-2731-1: Selected Topics in Petroleum
PETR-3101-0: Petro Econ & Project Mgmt
PETR-3101L-1: Petro Econ & Project Mgmt Lab
PETR-3101L-2: Petro Econ & Project Mgmt Lab
PETR-3161-0: Mgmt of Tech Innov II
PETR-3161-76: Mgmt of Tech Innov II
PETR-3161L-1: Mgmt of Tech Innov II Lab
PETR-3161L-2: Mgmt of Tech Innov II Lab
PETR-3164-0: Dist. Ctrl. Systems/PLC
PETR-3164L-1: Dist. Ctrl. Systems/PLC Lab
PETR-3164L-2: Dist. Ctrl. Systems/PLC Lab
PETR-4105-0: Petroleum Thermodynamics
PETR-4105L-0: Petroleum Thermodynamics Lab

PUBH-1103-2: Environmental Issues in Public Health
PUBH-1103-32: Environmental Issues in Public Health
PUBH-2101-1: Municipal Services
PUBH-2101-3: Municipal Services
PUBH-2101L-21: Municipal Services Lab
PUBH-2101L-22: Municipal Services Lab
PUBH-2101L-23: Municipal Services Lab
PUBH-2103-3: Public Health Law
PUBH-2105-4: Public Health Inspection
PUBH-2106-2: Food Quality
PUBH-2107-2: Emergency Preparedness
PUBH-3101-1: Food Hygiene
PUBH-3101-3: Food Hygiene
PUBH-3101-4: Food Hygiene
PUBH-3101L-1: Food Hygiene Lab
PUBH-3101L-5: Food Hygiene Lab
PUBH-3101L-6: Food Hygiene Lab
PUBH-3103-2: Public Health Administration
PUBH-3105-4: Public Health Ethics
PUBH-3106-0: Epidemiology
PUBH-3108-5: Public Health Inspection II
PUBH-4101-4: Health Risk Assessment
PUBH-4101-76: Health Risk Assessment
PUBH-4103-2: Communicable Disease Control
PUBH-4104-3: Food Bourne Diseases
PUBH-4104L-10: Food Bourne Diseases Lab
PUBH-4104L-3: Food Bourne Diseases Lab
PUBH-4104L-8: Food Bourne Diseases Lab
PUBH-4104L-9: Food Bourne Diseases Lab
PUBH-4105-2: Occupational Health and Safety Legislation
PUBH-4105-32: Occupational Health and Safety Legislation
PUBH-4105-42: Occupational Health and Safety Legislation
PUBH-4106-76: Public Health Education
PUBH-4107-2: Quality and Environmental Project Management
PUBH-4107-76: Quality and Environmental Project Management
PUBH-4108-2: Biocontaminants Indoors
PUBH-4108L-21: Biocontaminants Indoors Lab
PUBH-4108L-22: Biocontaminants Indoors Lab
PUBH-4108L-23: Biocontaminants Indoors Lab
PUBH-4109-32: Waste Management
PUBH-4111-1: Integrated Pest Management
PUBH-4111-32: Integrated Pest Management
PUBH-4113-76: Safety Systems
PUBH-5106-0: Epidemiology
PUBH-5107-0: Healthcare Quality and Project
PUBH-5107-2: Healthcare Quality and Project
PUBH-5107-4: Healthcare Quality and Project
PUBH-5107-5: Healthcare Quality and Project
PUBH-5117-2: Healthcare Emergency Preparedness
PUBH-5117-3: Healthcare Emergency Preparedness
PUBH-5117-4: Healthcare Emergency Preparedness
PUBH-5117-5A: Healthcare Emergency Preparedness
PUBH-5117-5B: Healthcare Emergency Preparedness
PUBH-5117-73: Healthcare Emergency Preparedness
PUBH-5117-76: Healthcare Emergency Preparedness
PUBH-5121-0: Health Risk Assessment
PUBH-5121-76: Health Risk Assessment
PUBH-5131-2: Health and Safety Management
PUBH-5133-2: Workplace Wellness and Health Promotions
PUBH-5134-0: Occupational Health and Safety Management II
PUBH-5135-0: Occupational Health and Safety Regulations
PUBH-5139-0: Occupational Hygiene Theory