Work Order System

Work Order Requst Form – please use the link below.

Work Order Request Form

How to Use the Work Order System

  • Once you click on the link above to login, you will be able to access the “Work Order Request Form.”
  • You will need to setup a password on your email to have access to the system.  This system is separate from the CBU login, so you are able to use the same password for the work order system as the one you use to login to your CBU computer.
  • First-time users will need to fill in the complete form the first time you submit one, but this information will be stored for future submissions (CBU and other email addresses are accepted).
  • When you have completed the work order by filling in the appropriate information for your request, you will be prompted for a password — this is a universal password and it is…. CBU-workorder (it is case sensitive).
  • Click on the “submit” button on the bottom to complete your request.


  • You can check the status of your work order at any time by logging in and using the drop down list in the work order system.
  • Work orders are checked regularly and assigned to the appropriate staff in a timely fashion.   Certain types of requests are handled within specific timelines, and requesters should make every attempt to provide adequate notice in advance of their needs.
  • Workorders for setups and events should not be submitted until the booking request for the venue has been approved by Conference Services.
  • During the heating season, deliveries are generally carried out on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, unless time permits during the workday.