WORK STUDY: Communications and Administration Intern

  • Location: Sydney, Nova Scotia
  • Deadline: February 11, 2024 at 11:59 pm

Title: Communications and Administration Intern

Department: MBA, Shannon School of Business, CBU

Expected hours per week: 10 hours

Application Deadline: February 11, 2024


Job Description:

The Communications and Administration Intern plays a pivotal role in supporting and enhancing the communication efforts within the MBA Department of Shannon School of Business at Cape Breton University. This position requires a skilled communicator who can strategically convey information related to the Master of Business Administration program, the multi-lingual Master’s program and the pilot Master’s program, this role contributes to program development and builds meaningful connections within the business student community, contributing to the overall success and visibility of the programs and the department.

Task/ Duties:

• Facilitate effective communication with students enrolled in the multi-lingual Master’s programs and the pilot MBA program, providing accurate information to students on academic advising, progression requirements, course registration, and program updates.

• Generate and refine comprehensive academic reports, archiving teaching reports and course syllabi, ensuring accuracy and clarity in documenting various program-related activities.

• Organize application documents from prospective applicants applying for the multi-lingual Master’s program and the pilot Master’s program, and prospects from partner institutions, streamlining the application workflow.

• Write and edit activity reports, maintaining a systematic archival system for student activity documentation to facilitate efficient reviews. Regularly update and organize the documentation to provide a well-organized repository for future reference and analysis.

• Cultivate connections within the multi-lingual student community for current students, graduates and faculty by building a community network. Facilitate engagements with business professionals, fostering networking opportunities. Develop initiatives to contribute to program enhancement, ensuring sustained connections that support the professional development of students and alumni.

• Support the planning and execution of course-based events and activities in or outside of the classroom. Ensure effective communication and coordination to enhance the overall student and faculty experience, fostering meaningful interpersonal connections within the student, staff and faculty community.

• Develop and implement internal communication plans to keep faculty, staff, and students informed about program developments and achievements.

• Contribute to maintaining a positive, consistent and diverse brand image for the programs, aligning communication efforts with the overall branding strategy.

• Collaborate closely with the MBA team and the multi-lingual MBA China Office, providing advice for marketing and promotion to ensure accurate and compelling content delivery. Offer necessary program information, updates, and insights to support promotional efforts, sharing key features and benefits for effective marketing communication. Manage media relationships related to business education, offering relevant information to enhance the business school’s reputation.


Learning Outcomes:

• Administrative Proficiency: Attain proficiency in creating accurate and clear activity reports, and develop organizational skills for efficient archival of documentation, enhancing the ability to facilitate reviews and maintain well-organized records.

• Strategic Communication in Higher Education: Develop a deep understanding of strategic communication principles within the context of higher education and program operation and management.

• Program-Specific Communication Skills: Acquire proficiency in crafting targeted messages for diverse audiences, including students, prospective participants, and stakeholders interested in student engagement.

• Event Management Expertise: Gain experience in planning and executing events that contribute to the success and visibility of international business programs.

• Media Management: Learn to manage media relationships and effectively communicate the achievements and initiatives of the business school to the broader community.

• Internal Communication Best Practices: Implement effective internal communication strategies to keep faculty, staff, and students well-informed and engaged.

• Brand Alignment: Ensure alignment of communication efforts with the overall branding strategy of the department, contributing to a positive and consistent brand image.


  • Must be enrolled, full time, at Cape Breton University and in good academic standing
  • Ability to work independently
  • Conduct research
  • Ability to create posters, flyers, and possess social media knowledge
  • Strong organization skills

Interested candidates, please email your CV, cover letter and references to Jamie_Li@CBU.CA by February 11, 2024.