VOLUNTEER: The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Virtual Award Leader

  • Location: Virtual-Remote
  • Deadline: September 30, 2021 at 5:00 pm

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Canada

Volunteer Opportunity

Virtual Award Leader

Department: Remote Support Centre Reports To: Virtual Award Centre Coordinator

Position Summary

Becoming a Virtual Award Centre Leader is an incredibly rewarding opportunity to mentor young people
through their Award experience and oversee their accomplishments over time. While positively
impacting young people, you will gain internationally certified professional development and leadership
experience to benefit your future career.

You will be an active youth leader by working with other Award Leaders on your team and engaging with
young people who are completing their Award levels. An Award Leader plays a crucial role in the Duke
of Edinburgh’s International Award and the success of the Award participant.
A Virtual Award Centre Leader would be vetted, trained, and approved by the Duke of Edinburgh’s
International Award Canada. After being trained in the principles and framework of the Award, the role
of the Award Leader is to guide and mentor participants, help them understand the Award, set
achievable goals, and offer encouragement! As an Award Leader, you will provide a support system that
offers motivation and inspiration for Award participants.

Duties and Responsibilities
As an Award Leader, you will be the most important and influential person to the participant, as you will
have regular contact throughout the progression of the participant’s Award experience. You will have
responsibilities to both the participants you are working with and the Award.

A Virtual Award Centre Leader must:
• Sign the Virtual Safeguarding Policy, Award Code of Conduct, Award Confidentiality Policy, and
the National Safeguarding Policy.
• Undertake all training as required by The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in Canada.
• Advise, guide, and assist young people to participate in the Award. Virtual Award Leaders should
be creative and find different Award topics to connect with participants in a virtual way.
• Encourage participants to choose a diverse and challenging range of activities, help set SMART
goals, and reach beyond their comfort zone.
• Check to ensure participants have suitable Assessors (ie. experience and/or qualifications).
• Discuss, review, and approve activities set by the participant for each Section of the Award.
• Assist participants with using the Online Record Book as required.
• Review completed sections and sign-off all activities. Send to the National Operating Authority
for final Award approval.
• Maintain and uphold the principles of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Canada as
provided in the Award Leader Handbook and Award Leader Training.

Position Title: Virtual Award Leader Job Status: Volunteer
Department: Remote Support Centre Reports To: Virtual Award Centre Coordinator
Salary Range: Volunteer
• Encourage participants throughout their Award experience and to continue to the next level
where applicable.
• Recognize participants for their achievements and celebrate them upon completion of their
• Uphold brand guidelines and use resources as provided.
• Ensure that all communications to participants are monitored and only through organization
provided platforms.

• Minimum of 5 hours a week availability.
• Able to work on a computer.
• Required to respond appropriately to queries from a wide range of participants.

Minimum Requirements (KASE – knowledge, attributes, skills, and experience)
• Be able to commit to a minimum of two years with active engagement in the Virtual Award
Centre, while supporting and mentoring participants virtually.
• A commitment of approximately 5 hours per week.
• Consistent communication with your Award Coordinator, participation in virtual meetings with
participants and Award Leaders on the same team.
• Complete Level 1 Award Training and Virtual Award Centre Leader Orientation.
• High level virtual communication skills (in particular listening and responding appropriately to

• Collaborative working skills;
• Cultural awareness and sensitivity;
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
• Excellent interpersonal and relationship building skills;
• Personal effectiveness skills;
• Ability to maintain confidentiality and work in accordance with policies, protocols and
• Satisfactory clearance under an appropriate level screening process.
Key Relationships
This position interfaces with internal and external contacts:
• Virtual Award participants, parents, Virtual Award Leader.
• Virtual Award Centre Coordinators, Remote Support Centre Officers, Remote Support Centre

To Apply
Please apply by filling out our Virtual Award Leader Volunteer Application Form
(https://forms.office.com/r/eXwtPS4t9r) and emailing your CV/resume, cover letter, and optional
reference letter to support@dukeofed.org with the subject line: “VAC Award Leader Application: Your
About the Award
The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a global non-formal education framework which
challenges young people to discover their potential and find their purpose, passion, and place in the
world. Our mission in Canada is to give every young Canadian aged 14 to 24 a supportive self-development tool that deepens awareness, builds confidence, broadens skills, and impels them into
experiences that further their development as active, responsible citizens. For more information, please
visit https://www.dukeofed.org