• Deadline: March 31, 2024 at 11:59 pm

Rental Tech 2024


Maybe this job title isn’t as glamorous as Equipment Manager or Canoe Guide, but it sure is a hell of a lot of fun. Some days are so busy quitting time will arrive in the blink of an eye. On slower days, usually when it’s raining, we’ll have you puttering around doing odd jobs such as sweeping, giving the washrooms a deep clean and organizing. It’s like working in a fast food restaurant, except it’s a bit more hip, and the pay is better, and you’re serving canoes instead of burgers, and you don’t go home smelling like the fryers. Okay, it’s nothing like a fast food restaurant.

The best part of this position is the camaraderie. Our team is a group of friends (don’t worry, we add new friends each season) who have vegetable gardens, brew beer and ‘booch, explore the backcountry and travel
in the off season. There’s usually a campfire at least once a week.

We usually start our staff at $16/hr (unless you’re totally awesome, then we can talk about more). Payday is every second week. We’ll drop some beer at the office on the in-between weeks so there’s still something to look forward to.

Each season we offer this position from mid-May or June through to early-September or mid-October (negotiable— can accommodate a Sept. 4 end if you are a student)

Ask about accommodation.

How you’ll earn your keep:
• Data entry (input guest details into our reservation management software)
• Offer points of interest for our guests to visit while in the Park
• Select appropriate equipment for our guests
• Wash and organize equipment after it has been returned
• Maintain an organized and clean work place (read: sweep, clean washrooms, wash your dishes)

You’ll be at the head of the pack if you bring these to the table (aka Qualifications):
• Second language (french, german, mandarin)
• Equanimity
• Excellent communication skills (written and oral— I can not overemphasize this)
• Can move an 42kg canoe over ground, up hill, solo
• Desire to have a vegetable patch (okay, this isn’t that important, but it sure is cool)

Send a cover letter (important!) detailing what you’ve accomplished (in line with this job) that you’re proud of and what you intend to do for us and how that’ll translate to us becoming the best adventure tourism company in the world. Please include your resume, too. ( Also, even if you don’t feel you’re qualified or are just nervous, send your resume and cover letter anyway (some of our finest team members almost didn’t apply…). Applications accepted until March 31st, 2024