SUMMER EMPLOYMENT- Operations Manager 2024

  • Deadline: March 31, 2024 at 11:59 pm

Operations Manager 2024

You love the outdoors, but you just can’t shake that little administrative devil on your shoulder. Maybe you find yourself puzzling over why colleagues cringe at the mention of a spreadsheet when instead you feel a flutter of excitement. Organizing yourself is so easy you’re left wanting to organize everyone else in your orbit. Heck, you might even enjoy the masochistic practice of scheduling!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will include becoming a wizard (with regards to our booking and inventory management software), detecting and administering training opportunities with your comrades, leading by example and a mild obsession with detail. Perhaps most importantly, you must know how to manage friends; a most difficult challenge. Your team will become your friends (this is the nature of our company and our work) yet you must preserve fidelity to your managerial charge.

The operations manager will perform rental tech duties while simultaneously fulfilling management responsibilities. A ‘global’ perspective is necessary— foresight, anticipation and planning according to the day’s docket. We will work closely with so you’re tuned-in to the Why not Adventure station with on-going training and semi-regular ‘check-in’ meetings to serve as an opportunity to discuss strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Mid-May through to mid-October (negotiable— can accommodate a Sept. 2 end if you are a student)

Ask about accommodations.

Wage will vary depending on how successfully you execute your responsibilities, but will likely be north of $18/hr.

How you’ll earn your keep:

• Review upcoming reservations and make adjustments as necessary
• Coordinate Why not Adventure resources efficiently
• Describe safe paddling routes according to environmental conditions and guest skills
• Keep owners abreast of happenings via Daily Dispatch email
• Managing the incessant flow of email
• Training colleagues on best practices, software use

Some things that’ll give you a foot-up above others (aka Qualifications):
• Previous management experience
• Situational awareness
• Ability to detect problematic work habits amongst comrades and communicate the better approach with
discretion, humility, equanimity and patience.

Send a cover letter (important!) detailing what you’ve accomplished (in line with this job) that you’re proud of and what you intend to do for us and how that’ll translate to us becoming the best adventure tourism company in the world. Please include your resume, too. ( Also, even if you don’t feel you’re qualified or are just nervous, send your resume and cover letter anyway (some of our finest team members almost didn’t apply…). Applications accepted until March 31st, 2024