Recent or Potential Grads/Summer Employment – Manager – SHELBURNE HARBOUR YACHT CLUB, MARINA and SAILING ACADEMY

  • Location: SHELBURNE, Nova Scotia
  • Deadline: May 2, 2021


The manager oversees all aspects of a dynamic organization made up of three non-profit associations
(Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club, Shelburne Harbour Marina Association and Shelburne Sailing School
Association). These operations include a busy clubhouse with bar and kitchen facilities (but no
commercial restaurant), Marina lobby and transient boater facilities (akin to a small hotel
operation) and a Sailing Academy

The manager oversees a staff of from 4 to 8 summer students, scheduling for a 7 day p/wk and 12
hour p/day operation and ensuring all employment grant reporting requirements are maintained;
communicates effectively in person and electronically with the membership, manages the above
facilities and operations, processes and accounts for all sales, monitors inventories, and ensures
all facilities and grounds are properly maintained.

The Manager is directly responsible to the Commodore for day to day operations and must also
interface with other board members, including the Vice Commodore (Bar and Clubhouse Operations),
the Rear Commodore (Marina and Boating Operations) and the Treasurer (accounting and financial).
107 Water Street, Shelburne, NS B0T 1W0 902-875-4757

The Manager is directly responsible to the Commodore for the day to day operations of the Yacht
Club and Marina. S/he also assists with the administration of the Sailing Academy. The Manager is
additionally answerable to each executive member for their areas of responsibility, as follows:
– To the Vice Commodore for bar and clubhouse operations
– To the Rear Commodore for Marina and boating operations
– To the Secretary for memberships, meetings,
– To the Treasurer for accounting and financial aspects
– To the Sailing School Director for all aspects of the Sailing Academy
The manager position includes training and certification in the following: CPR/AED, First Aid,
Marine VHF Operations, Pleasure Craft License, WHMSS hazardous materials handling, fuel handling,
boat handling, docking and knots, food and beverage handling.

The Manager’s duties and responsibilities are to:

• Oversee the day to day operations of the Yacht Club and Marina, ensuring that members and
visiting users needs are well attended to and all advertised services are supplied, whether
personally or by staff, in a manner consistent with the warm and welcoming identity of SHYC.
• Facilitate communications to the membership by producing and distributing information via
emails and signage around the facility.
• Schedule and Manage staff to optimize the delivery of all services described herein.
• Ensure a healthy and safe environment for employees and club/marina users alike.
• Operate the Upper Deck Bar, scheduling the bartending staff or personally bartending. Monitor
bar and merchandise inventory. Ensure completion of the bar accounts at the end of each day.
• Ensure the facility is clean and functional in every respect, including that deck furniture
and umbrellas are clean, properly set up and stowed each day, the barbecue grill is clean and
propane tanks are filled.
• Work with the Rear Commodore to allocate visiting dock and mooring rentals. Ensure completion
of necessary forms, collection of all fees, and issuance of proper receipts.
• Ensure the safe disbursement of fuel, water and electrical services. Ensure replacement
stocks of fuel are ordered in a timely fashion.
• Ensure visiting international boats contact Customs and Immigration where applicable (if SHYC
is their first port of call). Assist with temporary dockage to allow for inspections.
• Respond to all VHF radio calls in the correct manner and assist the Coastguard during a
distress call if requested. (training provided)
• Ensure daily weather conditions and forecasts are posted or otherwise made available for all
boaters and inform the Rear Commodore if adverse weather is expected.
• Liaise with the Sailing School Director and Administrator and ensure all tuition is paid in
• Operate the Yacht Club and Marina office, including all customary administrative duties such
as email/post, filing, database update and management, managing accounts and preparing them for
distribution to outside bookkeeper, processing payments for all services.
• Work with the Club Secretary with respect to Club Membership lists. Work with the Club
Treasurer and bookkeeper concerning financial matters and accounting.

SHYC Manager / Job Description – Page 2
• Ensure that the Bar and Marina money floats are maintained and accounted for and temporary
floats are made available for use by the social committee and kitchen volunteers as required.
• Monitor and manage inventory of office supplies, kitchen basics and cleaning supplies
• Ensure the laundry and related facilities are in good working order.
• Liaise with the Commodore concerning applications for wage grants for summer students.
• Maintain a record of summer staff hours and manage periodic wage grant reporting
requirements. Keep all paperwork regarding employment up to date.
• Ensure all grounds, docks, and building decks, including those of the Sailing Academy are
inspected, cleaned and maintained on a daily basis. The docks, in particular, should be walked
every morning to ensure all facilities are in good condition and good working order and to check on
the status and intentions of any visiting boaters.
• Ensure guidelines are posted and followed with respect to the disposal of refuse and garbage
in the Clubhouse, Marina kitchen as well as on the docks.
• Ensure all facilities, including the bar, marina reception, office, kitchen and all washrooms
and showers remain clean and tidy at all times.
• Assist the Social Committee with the planning and implementation of fundraisers or other
social functions. Ensure that an expense/revenue form is completed for each event.
• In the event of forecast storm or hurricane force winds, liaise with the Executive Committee
to ensure that all docks, decks and grounds are cleared of any loose equipment that could cause
• Ensure, at the end of each working day, a final walk around the docks is completed, the club
premises are secured, windows locked, the kitchen is clean and all appliances are off, and the
security alarm is set.

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