RECENT OR POTENTIAL GRADS: Student Public Health Inspector

Position Title: Student Public Health Inspector

County of Lambton, Ontario

Position Description

Position Title: County of Lambton

Group: CUPE 1291

Immediate Supervisor: Supervisor, Environmental Health & Prevention Services

Position Summary

Applies public health knowledge, techniques, and skills to reduce the incidence of communicable diseases, food and water borne illness, and health hazards in the community in accordance with the Ontario Public Health Standards and associated Protocols and Guidelines; the Health Protection and Promotion Act and associated Regulations; and all other pertinent legislation.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Inspections & Investigations:

· Setting scheduled priorities where appropriate, ensuring mandated and health unit requirements are met

· Apply in practice, key knowledge, critical thinking skills, and aptitudes related to environmental public health sciences

· Apply systematic inspection processes and risk assessments during the inspection of premises and assist with conducting audits where applicable

· Under the oversight of their PHI preceptor, assess whether complaints fall within scope of duties, set priorities and respond within 24 hour period as per mandated legislation

· Identify health hazards and take appropriate action where problems/risks exist in consultation with their preceptor

· Apply risk assessment processes during investigations and refer matters to Supervisor and/or PHI preceptor, or other relevant agencies or departments where appropriate

Assessment and Analysis:

· Use equipment, techniques, and procedures to conduct inspections/investigations

· Under the direction of the Public Health Inspector (PHI) preceptor, collect, store, and submit appropriate samples

· Interpret results and take necessary action under the oversight of the Public Health Inspector (PHI) preceptor. Clear critical decisions with the Supervisor, Manager, and/or Medical Officer of Health

· Assess, analyze, and evaluate information (investigations, inspections, emergencies, data, facts, sample results, surveillance data and disease trends, concepts, theories) under the oversight of the PHI preceptor to make evidence informed decisions, prepare reports, conduct investigations, and make recommendations for corrective action

Communication, Collaboration, and Advocacy

· Assist with developing and conducting education/training sessions

· Assist with developing educational/promotional resources and materials

· Use teaching as part of the regulatory functions of program delivery activities. Explain concepts of public health practice, with possible consequences and resolutions using both written and oral communication

· Liaise with stakeholders (Ministry, community, agencies, and individuals)

· Assist in preparing media releases

Legal and Regulatory

· Advise Public Health Inspector preceptor and Supervisor when hazardous practices, related illnesses, or non-compliance activities have been identified so that the appropriate legal/enforcement actions can be initiated by a Certified Public Health Inspector

Administrative Duties:

· Maintain accurate and current records of daily activities

· Record and produce regular reports on results of inspections and investigations

· Develop and conduct scheduled public health educational seminars and requested courses to community groups based on Mandatory Programs


· Incumbents must keep up-to-date on all relevant legislation, collective bargaining agreements, County Policies and Procedures, etc. ensuring that these are implemented as prescribed

· Incumbents must possess the physical ability to meet the duties and responsibilities of the job description and/or the requirements identified within the position’s Physical Demands Analysis

These describe the general nature and level of work being performed by incumbents in this classification. They are not an exhaustive list of all job duties in the classification. Other duties may be assigned.

Supervision Requirements

Direct Supervision: Not applicable

Indirect Supervision: Not applicable

Functional Authority: Not applicable

Credentials Required

Minimum Formal Education

· Enrolment in Environmental Health program at a recognized University or College

Note: Student Public Health Inspectors (with degree) have completed their 4 year degree and are waiting to sit their board of certification or have sat their boards and are awaiting their results. As such, the majority of the duties and activities undertaken by the student PHI (with degree) are done in consultation and under the supervision of a Certified PHI.


· No related experience is required

Note: Some students in this position may have already completed their 3 month practicum the year before they graduated. Some student PHI’s with degree may already have 3+ months experience working in public health.

A valid Ontario driver’s license and use of a vehicle.

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