• Location: Government of Canada
  • Deadline: November 30, 2022

The Government of Canada is recruiting! 

The Government of Canada’s Recruitment of Policy Leaders campaign is open from October 17 to 31, 2022.  Candidates who self-declare as being Indigenous or as a person with a disability will also have from November 2 to 30 to apply.

Thank you for sharing the following information with students, graduates, and those who might be interested in a position in the public service.

A strong record of policy-relevant experience, leadership and academic or research achievement are needed to qualify. All disciplines and professional backgrounds are welcome.

For more information, visit the RPL website and the RPL Wiki page.

Become a policy leader to put your talents to work for Canada

Are you interested in:
• working in the federal public service as a mid-level to senior policy analyst?
• proposing creative solutions to Canada’s biggest policy challenges?
• advising senior officials in a constantly changing environment?
• working on a variety of issues and directing your career path according to your interests and expertise?
• being part of a highly connected network of passionate and motivated alumni?
Apply to the Recruitment of Policy Leaders program, and if you’re selected, you’ll be included in a diverse pool of
talented and experienced university graduates, scientists and professionals.

Use your skills and
expertise to make
a difference
Looking for a challenging and rewarding career in the federal public service? By becoming a policy leader, you
can help develop government policies to meet today’s key challenges.
Policy leaders work in a variety of areas including climate change, criminal justice, digital economy, food security,
foreign policy, health, international trade, national security, reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, and more. Past
participants will share more information and answer your questions at virtual briefings during the campaign.

Program benefits:
• access to job opportunities that match your interests and areas of expertise in a variety of departments
and agencies
• matching with a mentor who will help you network and guide you through the job search and hiring process
• access to a network of professionals who continually seek new challenges and who are interested in tackling
Canada’s most critical public policy issues
• invitations to orientation sessions and regular social events, connecting you to other successful candidates
and learning opportunities

Become a policy leader
The Recruitment of Policy Leaders program seeks people with diverse backgrounds who have the potential to create
positive change and make a significant contribution to the federal public service. This program creates a pool of
exceptional candidates ready to be hired into a variety of mid- to senior-level policy-related positions in the federal
public service.

Apply online from
October 17 to 31, 2022

After this date, Indigenous people who self-declare can
also apply from November 2 to November 30, 2022.

After this date, persons with disabilities who self-declare
can also apply from November 2 to November 30, 2022.

For more information, visit the Recruitment of Policy
Leaders websiteRPL-onepager_2022_ENRPL-onepager_2022_EN