Recent or Potential Grads – ESL Teacher – Korea

  • Location: Korea
  • Deadline: April 30, 2022

Company name:

ESL Teacher Recruiter

What do you do?

We hire university graduates to teach English in Korea.


99 Hope Street South

Port Hope, ON

L1a 2n2

Contact info:

Phone number: 905-396-0041

Job posting:

 Teach English in Korea! ESL Teacher Recruiter is hiring university graduates to teach English in Korea.

Are you ready for the adventure of a life time? Imagine paying off your student loans and discovering a new country while getting paid! Join the thousands of graduates who are currently paying off $1000 a month on their student loans while having the time of their lives. We are hiring for the best ESL jobs all over Korea.

Contract Length:
* One Year


* All over Korea
(Candidates who are flexible on location will be given priority placement)

Age of students:
* Kindergarten/ Elementary/ Junior

Type of schools:
* Private Schools

* BA/BSc Degree (minimum 3-4 year degree)
* Native English Speaker (Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, South Africa)
* No experience is required!!!

* 2.1 -2.4 million won (depends on experience)
(2,100,000 won = $1930US) paid monthly
* FREE PRE-PAID ROUNDTRIP air flights (the employer will book
your flight)
* FREE accommodation – single or shared
* School will pay 50% of the medical insurance
* Severance pay (you will receive a full month’s salary after you complete your 12 month contract)
* Overtime pay is 15,000 won per hour
* You will work 30 hours per week
* Curriculum is set by the school
* 15 Paid National Holidays plus 10 paid days
* Low income tax!!

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