Process Technician/Operator – Bio Manufacturing

  • Location: Sydney, Nova Scotia
  • Deadline: October 31, 2022

Job Title: Process Technician/Operator – Bio Manufacturing
Location: Sydney, Nova Scotia
Salary: Depending on experience

The Verschuren Centre for Sustainability in Energy and the Environment is an independent
clean technology development and deployment facility. We offer client-tailored services to
support companies in developing sustainable solutions that meet industry needs.
Our Bio Manufacturing team operates a unique bioprocess production model that combines
both upstream and downstream operations. As part of the Bio Manufacturing team, you will
assist in operating a unique pilot scale bioprocess production model that combines both
upstream and downstream operations. Together with your team, you will support process
development, optimization and scale-up, and product recovery and characterization
You will work with innovative clients to develop their products at a pilot scale level,
participating in validating and de-risking their technology to ensure they hit commercial
markets in sustainable biomanufacturing. Additionally, you will help to maintain the
equipment and utilities to uphold high levels of safety and efficiency within the facility.

Qualifications and Eligibility:

Your qualifications should include a diploma in a relevant field, such as 4th class power
engineering, chemical or biochemical or other related engineering technology. Your
education coupled with your experience makes you knowledgeable in process operations,
and you have shown a history of being able to problem-solve and make
improvements/optimizations. You have a great mechanical aptitude, and you have been
able to provide support in maintenance in an industrial or related environment. Additionally,
you are a highly detailed, focused individual that enjoys working on a small team where
responsibilities are shared and varied.
Your qualifications include:

A diploma in power engineering, chemical or biochemical engineering technology, or a
related field
1 to 5 years practical experience in industrial process operations, with downstream
process experience being considered an asset
Experience with pilot or manufacturing scale of fermentation, or related chemical
processes is preferred
Maintenance experience on pipe and pump systems
Strong mechanical aptitude, versatile, and flexible
Ability to work as part of a team and independently with multiple areas of responsibility
Ability to prioritize tasks and ensure completion of assignments.


Operating utilities such as, but not limited to, electric boiler, multi-stage air
compressor, RO water system. This would involve maintaining daily logs, minor
maintenance such as filter changing, periodic manufacturers’ recommended
equipment maintenance
Maintaining bioreactors. Under direction of the technical team, this includes regular
equipment maintenance, maintenance troubleshooting while the process is running,
and scheduled preventative maintenance
Operating and maintaining (including CIP) downstream processes such as centrifuges,
spray dryers, filtration equipment and auxiliary equipment
Assisting in connecting/commissioning equipment to support the requirements of
reactor production runs
Assisting fermentation technicians when required or requested
Responsible for Clean in Place (CIP) and Steam in Place (SIP) operations as required.
Activities such as mixing caustic and pumping through the equipment in a manner
prescribed by manufacturers to ensure proper cleaning. Successfully steaming
equipment for sterilization purposes.
Maintaining a safe and clean work environment
Performing various processing operations in the pilot scale facilities in accordance with
Verschuren Centre Safety and Standard Operating Procedures
Completing individual daily work plans
Working independently while collaborating in a team setting under direction of the
Fermentation Lead and Process Lead
Operationalizing pilot scale process equipment and down-stream processes from start
to finish such as utilities, centrifuge, micro/ultrafiltration, and spray drying
Assisting in troubleshooting and maintenance of equipment in collaboration with the
process team and fermentation team
Adhering to bio-safety, product safety, and other SOP’s toward production of high-quality product.
Other responsibilities may be assigned depending upon business needs.

All interested and qualified candidates are asked to submit their cover letter and resume
to Please reference the job title in which you are applying for
in your cover letter and email subject.