PART-TIME: Jennifer Keeping Centre – Tutors

  • Location: Cape Breton University
  • Deadline: February 24, 2022

Jennifer Keeping Centre – Tutors
The Jennifer Keeping Centre is looking for tutors. If you’re interested in this opportunity, please fill out an Employment Application for JKC or reach out to us at


  • Assist students with understanding course material by using various techniques and teaching strategies.


  • A tutor must have already taken the course (or have a relevant degree) and scored a 75% or above.

Undergraduate University Student Tutor
Pay Rate of $20/hour

Tutor with Bachelor’s Degree
Pay Rate of $25/hour

Tutor with Further Post-Secondary Education (I.E. Masters, Doctorate)
Pay Rate of $35/hour

ENGL2865 Mary Keating Tutor
GEOL1205:0 Jason Loxton Tutor
GWST-3121-0 Rombough, J. Tutor
MANF-3138-76 Carl Mercer Tutor
MGMT-3603-11 Jasmine Alam Tutor
MICR-2101L-25 B. Maclennan Tutor
MIKM1101-1 A Marshall Tutor
NRSG2203:4AW Emily MacLeod Tutor
NRSG2301:4AW Cyndee MacPhee Tutor
NUTR-1101:2 Barre, E Tutor
Psyc 2111-10 Dr.Erin Roberston Tutor
PSYC-2111-11 Robertson, E Tutor
PSYC2253-76 Gereldine Carlin Tutor
PSYC-2401:76 Sikora, S Tutor
PSYC-3611-0 Jetha, M. Tutor
SOCO-2302A-0 White L Tutor
MATH1203:0 Chester Pyne Tutor
CHEM1105:10 Allen Britten Tutor