InteGolf – Software Developer/Associate Software Engineer – Sydney, Nova Scotia

InteGolf | Software Developer / Associate Software Engineer

Location: Sydney, NS

(This position is in person and we won’t be considering remote candidates)

We are seeking a skilled Software Developer to join our team at InteGolf and contribute to our
innovative projects. If you are passionate about creating seamless and efficient web
applications, this position is for you. This is a part-time (20hrs), in person position with a
requirement to be located in Nova Scotia. Please note that while a love and knowledge of golf is
not a requirement, it will be considered an asset.

● Develop and maintain web applications using Node.js, JavaScript, and Typescript.
● Utilize MongoDB and SQL for efficient data management and storage.
● Implement UI components using React.js and ensure smooth user experiences.
● Apply design patterns and the MVC pattern to enhance application structure and design.
● Configure and manage servers using Apache and Nginx.
● Work on continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, ensuring code
integrity through Git.
● Utilize functional programming concepts for optimized software solutions.
● Implement event-driven architecture to enhance application responsiveness and
● Contribute to the development and maintenance of microservices.
● Familiarity with Linux, Ubuntu, AWS, EC2, S3, and Mac systems for effective development
and deployment.

● Proficiency in Node.js, JavaScript, Typescript, MongoDB, SQL, React.js, and Snyder.js.
● Strong understanding of design patterns, especially the MVC pattern.
● Experience with Apache and Nginx for server configuration.
● Familiarity with CI/CD pipelines and version control using Git.
● Solid grasp of functional programming and event-driven architecture.
● Knowledge of microservices and their implementation.
● Proficient in Linux, Ubuntu, AWS, EC2, S3, and Mac systems.
● Strong analytical skills to identify and solve complex problems efficiently.

About InteGolf
At InteGolf, we are passionate golfers and dedicated technologists, united by a singular goal: to
enhance every aspect of the golfing experience. With a deep understanding of the challenges
golfers and golf course operators face, we embarked on a journey to transform the way golf
courses are able to serve golfers through technology. Drawing inspiration from the finest golf
courses and the exhilarating thrill of competition, we set out to create solutions that combine
convenience and camaraderie. We are a dispersed team across the world, with our
headquarters located in Downtown Sydney.

Currently we are updating our Golf Tournament software and working to complete development
on an Expiring Tee Time Booking System and a 3rd Party Booking Platform.
If you are ready to contribute your expertise to a dynamic team and have a passion for
cutting-edge technology, we invite you to apply and be a part of our forward-thinking company.

Learn more about our values and culture at

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