Co-op: Ocean\Energy Gallery Facilitator at the Discovery Centre

  • Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Deadline: December 4, 2019 at 11:00 pm

Contract Position: Ocean\Energy Gallery Facilitator

Department: Science Education

Supervisor: Manager of Science Education

Start Date: January 6th, 2020

Working Hours: 35 hours per week

Rate: $15.00 per hour

Position Summary

The main objective of the position is to create exciting, stimulating, hands-on/minds-on science education experiences for visitors in the energy and ocean galleries. The Facilitator will help with the maintenance of the life support systems of aquaria including its flora and fauna which require to be fed and receive everything they need to live and thrive in their environment. They maintain the tanks and their systems and perform routine cleanings of all components and living beings. The position includes facilitating how energy sources are being developed from ocean, land and technology within the province of Nova Scotia.

The facilitator works under the direction of the Coordinator, Ocean Gallery and Volunteers. They will engage the public in everything they are doing, explaining how conditions affect plant or animal life, draw connections between energy and the ocean, and encourage members of the public to take an active role in protecting habitats and our resources. The facilitator provides an enthusiastic welcome to visitors to the Galleries, and helps visitors engage with the exhibits and programs.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The primary roles of the facilitator are maintaining the life support systems of aquaria.
  • Responsible for ensuring that the life within an aquarium is properly managed, that the environment is conducive to the plants and animals growing and thriving, and that the living beings have everything else that they need to live well.
  • Responsible for ensuring that displays and exhibits remain clean and that the living beings are in good shape to be viewed by the public.
  • Creates an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment around the topic of oceans and energy
  • Sharing information with the general public, helping visitors engage with the gallery experiences.
  • Develops and delivers programming, supports the research, development and delivery of camp programs.
  • Maintain a safe and clean working environment, keeps up to date with health and safety requirements and training.
  • May help with species collecting at designated license/permit sites. This is limited to gathering species by hand, snorkelling and with hip waders.

Contribute to the successful operation of Discovery Centre

  • Facilitates STEAM activities
  • Engages members of the public in exploring exhibits within the galleries
  • Regularly check Discovery Centre email and DAYFORCE workforce management site to meet scheduling requirements
  • Participates in the centre’s OH&S program
  • Daily reporting of visitor interactions


Working within a team environment, the facilitator provides the Discovery Centre’s visitors with  exciting, hands-on interpretation of the galleries, may work with the exhibit department to maintain the equipment.


The facilitator reports to the Coordinator, Ocean Gallery and Volunteers.

Supervisory Responsibility

The aquarium at times may have volunteers as part of the team. The facilitator is responsible for providing direction to these volunteers.

Working Environment

This working environment is quite unique in that facilitator spends much of their time working in an actual aquarium environment.

Core Competencies/Qualifications

  • Degree in Marine Biology, Aquaculture, Environmental Studies or related field.
  • Depth of knowledge in marine and freshwater species of flora and fauna and their associated ecosystems
  • Experience in science communication
  • Experience in a front-line setting dealing with the public is recommended; strong interpersonal skills; must be comfortable engaging strangers and representing the organization’s values
  • Technical knowledge of large and small aquariums, both salt and fresh water, their operations, life support systems, maintenance and recommended repairs when needed
  • This position requires organizational skills, flexibility, and proactive problem solving.


Please email resume to

Applicants must meet the requirements for the Nova Scotia Co-Op Program. All applicants are thanked for their interest, however only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

Discovery Centre promotes equal employment opportunities for all job applicants and embraces diversity. The Centre is committed to equity in its policies, practices, and programs, supports diversity in its work environment, and ensures that applications for members of underrepresented groups are considered for employment with the Centre.