Alumni Association

Nominations Now Open! 

Nominations now open for new Alumni Association Board members! (Deadline: October 16, 2020)

The Cape Breton University Alumni Association is comprised of over 25,000 individuals living all over the world. We are proud, we are strong and we are Always Orange. The Alumni Association is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected from among the alumni body, through a criteria-based nomination and selection process. Nominations are assessed by the CBUAA Board of Directors Nomination Committee and recommended candidates are presented to the board for approval and brought forward to the membership at the Annual General Meeting.

The Board seeks competencies and diversity that will contribute to effective governance and broad representation across the full population of the alumni body. Candidates are selected on a number of skills and experiences and shall include representation from: various class years, degree and diploma programs, industries, geographic scope, and cultural background.

This open nomination process is intended to generate a more comprehensive list of graduates interested in serving the alumni community and are selected with diversity in mind to ensure that alumni receive proper representation.

Self-nominations are welcome.

Roles and Expectations of Board Members:

  • Act as a strong ambassador for Cape Breton University (CBU) and the Cape Breton University Alumni Association (CBUAA).
  • Motivate fellow alumni to be active in University advancement and alumni outreach.
  • Should have a history of leadership, and the ability to collaborate and think strategically.
  • Contribute actively to good governance, best practices, positive debate and creative ideas for the betterment of the CBUAA.
  • Attend monthly board meetings and be prepared by reviewing past minutes, committee reports, and any other information provided in advance.
  • Commit approximately 6 hours of volunteering per month (inclusive of board meetings).
  • Declare a conflict of interest as applicable.
  • Serve two, three-year terms.

**To submit a nomination, click the form below. Please also email a resume, CV or biographical sketch to