Religious Studies

Program Snapshot

Study The Impact Of Religion Today

With a wide range of students coming to study at CBU from around the world, we pride ourselves on being an open and accepting learning environment. You already know religion can be found everywhere. In film, music, television, politics and more, religion is often at the centre of identity exploration, global issues and cultural conflict. But there is still so much more to discover here at CBU.

The study of religion includes the comparative ideas of skepticism, science and the secular, making religious studies a diverse, creative and versatile field. Because of this dynamic interplay of ideas and traditions, the study of religion attracts students from across the globe who are eager to learn different ways of thinking about, and interpreting, human life and culture.

As a student, you’re offered a unique opportunity to ask fundamental questions about religious traditions in a professional atmosphere. This is an exciting field that is constantly crossing boundaries and breaking new ground in order to bring its subject into better focus.

What skills will I gain from this program?

  • Research skills
  • Analysis of religious rituals
  • Awareness of the multi-faceted influence of religion
  • Understanding of diverse cultures and societies

Why study at CBU?

From the many different student, faculty and staff backgrounds you’ll find on campus and in classes, to the diverse religious communities who contribute to our culture in unique ways, Cape Breton is a special place to learn. You can take religious studies as a three-year concentration, as part of an area major, or as a minor or be used in the elective category.

CBU students have opportunities to study in multiple disciplines and develop analytical skills to help you think critically about the world around you.

Sample Courses

  • RELS1115: Introduction to World Religions: Eastern Traditions
  • RELS2143: Religion and Popular Culture
  • RELS2106: Cults and New Religious Movements

Possible Career Paths

  • Ethics administration
  • Government
  • Print and broadcast media
  • Public service
  • Leaders in religious communities

Faculty & Staff

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